Update 6/2/24: How is it possible sweet Jelly Bean has been listed available for adoption for 2 years. She is 2 years old and 10 months. She has been waiting for a loving forever home for so long. She loves children, he loves other dogs and he loves humans. What more can you ask for?

5/9/22: Meet adoptable deaf dog Jelly Bean who is a 9 month old looking for a loving forever home with someone who will continue her positive reinforcement training/socialization/enrichment and always keep her safe.

From her rescue advocate: Jelly Bean is a 7 month old pittie pup who was surrendered by her original owner when their landlord gave them 2 weeks to get her out. She is being fostered with a professional positive reinforcement dog behavior consultant who also happens to have a deaf dog of her own. Jelly Bean is getting tons of socialization opportunities and is learning good play manners from the other dogs in her lives. She gets to attend training days quite often and is very good about being crated even when other dogs and people are around. Every once in a while she will let out an ear piercing scream but it is short lived. So far she loves every dog and every human but we don’t want to place her in a home with young kids as she’s a little too wild and because she can’t hear verbal interrupters cannot be used.

Jelly Bean’s previous owner said she was too rough with the cat but when her foster brought her to a friends she ignored the 8 cats present, so would want a home that is savvy with cat/dog interactions. She is already well on her way to knowing a lot of basic behaviors. She’s good at sit, down, touch, paw and place. We’ve already begun reinforcing a lot of check ins and a recall signal. We would prefer someone with a fenced yard as Jelly Bean displays inappropriate leash biting. Her foster is working hard on alternatives to leash biting but this issue hasn’t gone away.


Jelly Bean is good in the car and adapts to new places and situations quickly. She doesn’t seem to have fears of much. She loves to be pet and loved on, will lean in majorly or go between your legs when your standing for attention. Aside from the leash biting she’s the perfect companion. She is all white except a black spot at the base of her tail.