To kick off 2018,  Deaf Dogs Rock sponsored 8 deaf dogs into partner rescues so they can start on their journeys to their new lives. Because of the continued support from our Deaf Dogs Rock community, we were able to sponsor eight deaf dogs into the safe harbors of rescue. Once they get to their rescue destinations they will immediately go into experienced deaf dog foster homes.

While in foster care, each dog will be going through their basic deaf dog sign training and potential adoptive families will be thoroughly screened by professional adoption coordinators to make sure they match each deaf dog up with a family who will best fit that particular dog. Our mission here at Deaf Dogs Rock is to get deaf rescue dogs/puppies into a place where they can learn, go through basic training, decompress by feeling how it is to live in a home with a family which in the long run will help the rescue match potential loving families so the dog has a better chance at a successful and happy home life.


Katie was on her last hour at the Mesquite Texas shelter and when iRescue got word of Katie’s plight and she got someone who was close by to go get her. We had networked her heavily that morning on our Deaf Dogs Rock FB page and offered a rescue sponsorship so we were thrilled when Karla contacted us with her freedom ride photo!


Charles the Chihuahua



A big shout out and thank you to Green Dogs Unleashed Rescue here in Virginia who took in Charles and Buddy when we reached out to them to see if they had room for both dogs in their foster and training programs. We appreciate your commitment to getting these two to safety!


Cracker – Rescue Ohio

Cracker was a poor deaf senior who found himself in a shelter in Ohio when his owner passed away and he was in really bad shape. We put up a rescue plea for Cracker on our Deaf Dogs Rock FB page in hopes to attract the attention of an Ohio rescue which it did. Because he was in bad shape we increased his rescue sponsorship to $300 to help with some of his vet costs. Thank you so much to Rescued Ohio for pulling Cracker, vetting him and getting him into a wonderful foster home.

Update on Cracker Feb 1, 2018 from Rescued Ohio Facebook page:

There’s no sugar-coating Cracker’s situation… When his owner passed away, he was put on the euth list at the shelter due to his age and condition. But one of our fosters saw Cracker’s potential and decided his time was not up just yet. He is recovering from an extremely severe ear infection and probably feeling the best he’s been in years. We are determined to make sure Cracker’s senior years are his best. He is very low energy and seems to be perfectly fine with other dogs. Cats have been hit or miss, so he would probably need a cat-free home. If you’ve got some love to give, this guy would love to be yours. Cracker is estimated to be 10 years young and is about 40lb. You can fill out an adoption application for Cracker by clicking here. 

For more info or to apply for Cracker, visit


Ellen (formally Frankie)




A big shout out to our friends at iRescue in Texas for making room for Ellen, Kojack and Pablo three dogs that needed to be pulled from local high kill shelters. They are now in loving foster homes learning new things to become the best deaf dogs they can be. Deaf Dogs Rock was happy to sponsor all three deaf dogs through our DDR Rocker Puppy sponsorship program. If you are interested in learning more about any one of these sweet deaf dogs, you can check on updates on their iRescue Homeless Pets FB page by clicking here. 



Deaf Dogs Rock reached out to Speak St. Louis to see if they would have room for sweet deaf puppy Bella and they made room for her to come into their rocking rescue program. Bella was sponsored through our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy Program. Thank you Speak!

Thank you to all of you who continue to send in donations so we can continue to sponsor deaf dogs and deaf puppies into the safety of rescue where they can have the best possible start to their new lives. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

~ Christina, Nitro, Bud, Bowie and Cornell (not shown in this photo)