Meet adoptable 4.5 year old deaf bull terrier Janice who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her and always keep her safe.



From her rescue: It’s hard to believe Janice was found as a stray with how much she loves every human she has ever met. Super sweet and loving, she’s a big fan of cuddles and sitting on laps but may be too enthusiastic about humans to safely be around small ones. She greets every human she sees with full body wiggles and zoomies. She has been working on touch cues with a trainer and is excited to learn to communicate with humans. She does great in the car and in her crate and is working on learning leash etiquette. She loves going on leisurely walks around the neighborhood and taking in all the smells.


Janice gets excited around other dogs but is able to relax after a proper introduction and some time getting to know each other. She has not encountered cats or small dogs, but may be slightly too overeager for animal companions who aren’t used to a very excitable friend.


Originally from Hawaii, Janice moved to Portland in May and found what we hoped was her forever home in June 2019. Due to circumstances beyond her control, she was returned to our rescue in need of emergency surgery to remove a foreign object from her intestines. She is recovering well, and ready to find a forever home without young children who is dedicated to continuing positive-reinforcement training with her. This sweet girl is so excited to find her forever family.