Meet adoptable deaf 6 month old Australian Cattle Dog Jango who is looking for an experienced cattle dog home with someone who will commit to daily positive reinforcement training/socialization/enrichment/exercise as well as providing daily structure to his routine and keep him safe.

From his shelter advocate: Jango is in need of an active home that can be patient with him as they work with him thru basic training.

Jango is an active adolescent with a lot of brain and body energy to burn. He spends upwards of 2 hours a day in playgroup and goes on 30 min walks daily to keep him happy and healthy.

He will need training to work on general impulse control. When he asks for attention from humans he can be mouthy and hyper (i.e. jumping up on a human), as one would expect a stereotypical full blooded blue heeler to do. He also needs help entering into a crate. After living in a shelter setting for so long, he’s hesitant to enter confined spaces. He’ll express this hesitancy by evading reaches for his collar or slip leashes.

He rides in a car well and walks in novel spaces with no fear. He’s environmentally sound.

I have not observed high food drive from him. He seems to prefer a game of tug as a reward over food.

If crated over night he will hold his bladder for 12 hours. I would not trust him to hold his bladder for that amount of time in a larger space yet.

This guy is happy and social. He’s a great addition to a pet parent that is very out and about.

He’s very happy and confident.