Meet adoptable deaf boxer mix Jake who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him, be his best friend, let him live inside as a member of the family and always be committed to keeping him safe.

From the rescue: All Breed dedicates itself to saving highly adoptable dogs from high-risk situations and finding them forever homes in the Northeast. Our handsome Jake was among a group of dogs transported in November of 2018. He was a save from a high-kill shelter in South Carolina. His bright personality stood out among kennel notes and photos, we had to pull him. He arrived to us with a clean bill of health – no one even realized he was deaf. He got along so well with the other dogs and quickly settled into new environments; we didn’t notice his lacking the ability to hear. His goofy smile and ability to make friends with different dogs made him an easy transition to a loving foster home where he’s been since his arrival to Vermont.

Jake is an adventure goer – he loves exploring new environments with his four-legged foster siblings. As adventurous as he is, he doesn’t need extra amounts of exercise. He goes out for a good walk a day aside from quick bathroom breaks and longer walks and hikes on the weekends. After a good adventure, he goes into full couch-potato mode and is happy to curl up for a quiet evening.

Jake loves to play with dogs of different temperaments. His foster parents have noticed that large, dominant dogs are not his favorite, but all others are buddy-potential. We’re not sure how he’d be with cats as he hasn’t had exposure to any yet. He likes new people, needing to make friends with anyone kind enough to give him a treat or a pat. Extended amounts of stimuli, like busy streets or even car rides, are stressors to Jake, so having a stable, calm environment would be best for him.

He will benefit from a home that will include him in the mundane details of life (taking out the trash, shoveling snow, house projects, etc.). Jake is very inquisitive, and very interactive with humans. He finds joy in the littlest of things. He is a delightful dog deserving of a wonderful home.