Deaf dog Ivory Rose is a sweetheart looking for a new forever home. We rescued her from a shelter when she was 3 months old and taught her basic dog sign language. She is completely deaf with different colored eyes and a slender build. She is snow white. She is sign trained and uses a vibration collar for communication. She responds to vibration to come to you and for re-direction. She loves kids, loves to play fetch, loves her chew toys and to cuddle, she loves to burrow under covers. She is kennel trained and house trained. She does have lots of energy but sleeps well all night and also responds well to calming treats if needed. She does best with a routine. She walks on a leash but we are still working on training on this. Since she cannot hear, she senses vibrations and will sometimes growl at unknown senses or something unknown that she sees but she is easily re-directed with her vibration collar.

Ivory will need a very special family/person to care for her. She does not get along with our older female dog and they must stay separated. She gets along fine with our small male dog and she loves kids (mine are 10, 13, and 16 ). I believe that Ivory will do best if she is the only dog in the home, or with a small male dog but maybe not other female dogs ( not sure if it is just our female dog). She did stay at the dog kennel for almost a week one time when we went on vacation and she did great with all the other dogs there. She MUST be mainly and indoor dog as she is white and will burn and become overheated/cold very easily. She loves to play outside but in extreme temperatures, she can not stay out for extended periods of time. Ivory has allergies and sensitivities and is on a limited ingredient dog food and she takes allergy medicine daily. She has been intolerance tested so that we could eliminate her sensitivities and she does very well now on her food and daily medication. We love her so much and this decision is very hard for us, but we feel that it is not fair to either her or our older girl dog to have to alternate family time and be separated. It has put a major strain on our family to keep them apart because our family usually splits up in order to spend adequate time with both dogs.

We would like to be very involved in the transition and are willing to help every step of the way as we do know her habits and how she communicates. We are willing to help teach a loving home her signs and tell you all the information we know about her! We will give you everything we have for her if you would like. We would love to stay in touch and receive reports and pictures of her. We absolutely adore Ivory and will be very selective to make sure she finds the right fit for her and for a potential loving home. If you have any questions or concerns, we are 100% dedicated. We will be your number one resource!

Thank you for considering Ivory,
Very sincerely,
Kristen Pierce


If you are interested in adopting Ivory, her adoption fee is $100 to a screened and approved home only. You also must live within a 3 hour drive time of Lindale TX to be considered.


Email Kristen so she can send you a blank adoption application to fill out to be considered for Ivory’s new home at :

Kristen Pierce