Update 11-01-19: Eight years ago today Vicky Sitterly had a very emotional day when I sent her a text message on November 1, 2011. I had just located her a deaf white boxer puppy in Indiana and on that fateful day five years ago today her dream of adopting a deaf dog came true. You see once Vicky received my text message, she jumped into high gear by grabbing a friend, her other two boxers (Chloe and Brickle) and headed from Ohio to Indiana to pick up her first deaf puppy. She named the puppy Indy short for Indiana. Since today is their Eighth Year Dogiversary, Axl, Bud, Bowie, Cornell, Chris and I want to wish them a very Happy Dogiversary.

Above: Brickle (L) and Indy (R) enjoying life to the fullest (October 2018)



Photo above: What Indy looks like now in 2016

This adventure is by far one of my very favorite Happy Tails here on Deaf Dogs Rock and that is because so many of our Facebook friends got involved and helped Vickie and Doug Sitterly fulfill their dreams of adopting a deaf puppy. The first photo is what Indy looks like today with her two buddies Brickle and Jaeger. I hope you all enjoy this Happy Tail as much as all of us did last year when it all unfolded. ~ Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock



Recent photo: (L) Brickle, (M) Indy, and with new addition (R) Jaeger aka Vicky’s “Three Amigo’s”

Photo courtesy of Vicky Sitterly: Pictured (L) Brickle and (R) Indy. They are best buddies


This story was sent in by Vicky Sitterly: It was a sunny Tuesday morning, November 1, 2011 to be exact. I rolled over in bed to see that it was already 8:30am, late for me. I grabbed my phone and rolled back over, remembering that this was one day that I could relax. There was nothing for me to do except work on my transcription reports. I had a FREE day!! I was being totally lazy and decided to read my emails from bed, and then flipped over to Facebook to see what was new and exciting for the day. Little did I know this moment was going to change our lives as we knew it!

Above photo: This is the photo of Indy at the Shelter

There was the usual goings on, and then there it was. A message from Christina Lee/Deaf Dogs Rock. There was a 10 week old deaf white boxer puppy at Humane Society in Indiana. We had been waiting for a deaf puppy, and we had even started our two boxers on American Sign Language so that they could help us train the new pup when he arrived. Chloe is 7, Brickle is 7 months, and they both took to the signing as a game. But now the moment was here! My head was spinning. I got up, showered and dressed, and ran downstairs to Google the Humane Society for Hamilton County to see just how far it was. Oh I was so ready to go but wanted to wait to talk to my husband, Doug, before I made the final leap. I had everything ready to go, the car was packed, I found a co-pilot Jeri Scholler, a good friend of mine, and our pet sitter had Chloe and Brickle covered until Doug would get home from work.


Above photo: Indy napping with Chloe

Noon was the hour I waited for. I had to call the Humane Society of Hamilton County, Indiana at noon, and I needed to talk to Doug at noon. I took a picture of the pup and sent a text message to Doug with the picture attached saying “just a heads up and something to digest before I talk to you. This pup is in Indiana, and needs a forever home. Can we have him? “ When Doug called, we talked and he gave me the go-ahead to make the trip. Then I called the Humane Society next to see if the pup was even still available. I finally got through after a couple of tries and he was. They wanted me to bring Chloe and Brickle for a meet and greet, but would not hold him for me until I got there. I had a big decision to make and decided to take the chance that he would be there and asked them to call me should anything change. I repacked the car to make room for Chloe and Brickle; shaking and so excited and nervous at the same time, and headed to pick up Jeri. Before leaving I had the phone numbers of a few of my Facebook friends so that we could stay in contact. They were as excited as we were. We left Ashland, Ohio at 1:00pm and headed for Indiana.

Jeri came with her laptop, iPhone, and I had my iPhone, GPS, and printed out MapQuest directions and we were on our way. Jena Broussard in Texas kept in contact all day as we kept her abreast of our location. We made one stop to gas up and walk the dogs, but didn’t want to lose a minute.

It was quite an adventure. At one point the GPS had us on a road that was wide enough for one car, with cow pastures on both side. Brickle had a meltdown, as he had never seen cows that close before. The Durango was rocking! Then GPS told us to stay on the road and when we stopped at a 4-way stop, the road disappeared! We sat for a moment and discussed the logic of GPS, and decided that if we stayed straight on the road and were wrong, the GPS lady would recalculate. We made a good decision as she stayed quiet as we continued on the road.

Almost there……….4 ½ more miles to go. GPS lost its signal! AGH!! We finally got it back and made it to our destination by 6:00pm. We were very impressed by the facility, it was clean and even had playgrounds for the dogs to play. Jeri stayed with Chloe and Brickle while I went in to announce our arrival.

They had been waiting for me. Seems that all of Facebook was lit up by our adventure, everyone had stayed in contact with us during the day through Jena, but I had no idea that we caused such a commotion on Facebook! They greeted me like I was a celebrity, and had been waiting for me at the desk with the little white boxer puppy, Hoss.

It was love at first sight. He was so beautiful to me and just what we had been looking for. After signing paperwork, we proceeded with the meet and greet. While it didn’t go as smoothly as I would have wanted it to, I knew that Chloe and Brickle would be a good fit for this little guy. After some socialization, we got the approval, signed the rest of the papers, and made our start back home Chloe and Brickle snuggled by the carrier as all three slept the whole way home. We had contact with our Facebook friends from the time we left until we returned. We are overwhelmed at the support and networking that everyone did that day on our behalf. I arrived in our driveway at 12:45a.

Doug had already prepared the pups bed for the night, and we spent a few minutes talking and checking out our new puppy before heading to bed. As soon as the lights went out, he cried, and cried, and cried. I made a bed on the floor next to his crate, and slept with my fingers in his crate as Chloe and Brickle cuddled up too.

Above photo: Doug with his new baby boy Indy.

Above photo: Indy’s first bath. Does he look like he is in heaven or what?

We decided to name the puppy Indy, and it was unanimous among our Facebook friends. After all, he did come from Indiana! We are coming up on having him now for five years and we would have never imagined how easily a deaf puppy would have fit into our home. Indy has learned many signs over the years. He is so amazing and smart. I would tell anyone who is on the fence about adopting a deaf dog that it is the most rewarding experience that you could ever have. Indy doesn’t know that he is deaf, and plays, barks, and “talks” just like any other puppy his age. He is very social and loves people. My heart melts when he wags his tail when he sees me or greets Doug when he comes home, or when he follows me in the yard, or learns a new sign.

It is true!! DEAF DOGS DO ROCK!!!

Vicky, Doug, Indy, Chloe and Brickle Sitterly



Note from Christina with Deaf Dogs Rock: The support Vicky received on Facebook was amazing. You see many of us on our Deaf Dogs Rock FB page  and Save The White Boxer FB page feared Vicky would get half way to Indiana and the puppy would be adopted to someone else. The Humane Society for Hamilton Co. does not hold dogs for anyone which is a good rule to have in place. Vicky’s FB friends stepped up and started leaving messages on the HSHC’s Facebook wall. I guess folks got a little out of hand so much so the shelter decided to put this photo on Deaf Dogs Rock FB Wall to calm everybody down.

They put this photo on our Deaf Dogs Rock FB Wall with the following words: 

Melissa Gilmon Gudal > Deaf Dogs Rock: “Hoss (Indy) and the Humane Society for Hamilton County’s Executive Director – sharing some smooches. Hoss is wearing a cone-of-shame, because he was recently neutered. HE’S FINE PEOPLE!!! and being well-taken care of!”

There was so much traffic on their Facebook Wall, that a local person who lived in Greenwood, Indiana (about 45 miles from the shelter) was reading the FB comments about Vicky’s plight and she decided to take off work early to go and sit with the puppy until Vicky could get there from Ohio. She wanted to make sure no one else would get that sweet puppy before Vicky had a chance to meet him.

Now keep in mind this sweet person was heading to the shelter to “sit on” the puppy didn’t even know Vicky Sitterly from Ohio. This totally amazing woman who came to the rescue that wonderful day was a woman by the name of Beverly Melton. Beverly left work at 3:00pm to sit with Indy until his new mommy could get there from Ohio.

Here is a big shout out to Beverly Melton. The Deaf Dogs Rock family thinks Beverly Melton totally ROCKS!

I am always amazed at the kindness of strangers when it comes to saving animals.

Sometimes people ROCK too! ~ Christina Lee