While our deaf boxer Nitro was on this earth he had two best friends who were hearing boxers named Ozzy and Loki. Ozzy and Loki adored Nitro and he adored them. I would meet their mama and daddy Cherri and Brian at the dog park every day so Ozzy, Loki, and Nitro could run and play. They even hosted a birthday party for Nitro at their house one year. Ozzy, Loki and Nitro are all at Rainbow Bridge now but in my dreams I still see them playing, running, jumping, and napping together. Cherri and Brian moved to the Northwest a few years ago and we are fortunate and blessed to see them at least once a year. Cherri and Brian now have a deaf English Bulldog named Pi so they are very familiar with living with a deaf bully.

Above: Cherri with her Deaf English Bulldog Pie

Photo above: Cherri and Bryan hanging out with us in 2012 at Woofstock which was Deaf Dogs Rock very first event where we set up. 


Photo above: Loki, Ozzy and Nitro

This week Brian and Cherri donated a very generous donation of $250 to go into Nitro’s Fund to honor both Ozzy and Loki. Nitro’s Fund is specifically set up to help deaf boxers in need of rescue so we can step in and offer sponsorship of a deaf boxer or deaf boxer puppy to get them into a situation where they can go into one of our partner rescues and start their foundation training before they go to their new forever homes.

Photo above: The day Cherri and I went to Kentucky to pick up deaf puppy Bud and brought him back to meet Ozzy, Loki and Nitro. They all four where best of buds.

A big shout out and thank you to Cherri and Bryan for donating to Nitro’s Fund to help other boxers. We miss you and think you totally rock!

~ Christina and Chris – Deaf Dogs Rock

Photo above: Cherri and Ozzy at the Salem Dog Park 


*****If you have a special boxer you would like to donate to Nitro’s Fund in honor of or in memory of you can learn more by clicking on Nitro’s Fund here.