Update 11/21/22: Ice’s caregivers are willing to drive to AZ, CA, NV or TX for the right home (they initially has a 100 mile radius of Lucile ID).

Ice is 12 weeks old today (born Aug. 23), is mainly white with just a few gray spots on his back and on his left ear.

Ice is doing really well, is kennel trained (sleeps & travels in his kennel, but we leave him out to play during the day), night-time potty trained, sleeps through the night, and doesn’t have accidents during the day … as long as I’m paying attention. Lol! He’s also super-cuddly, will fall asleep in your lap, and is a really happy, bouncy dog! That’s the good news.

The not-so-good news is that he has had a few episodes where he gets the “zoomies,” and acts like he’s seeing things. He will also dig during these episodes to “get” whatever he is seeing (I put down chicken wire in his outside pen, and that solved the issue). I’ve had to give him some anti-anxiety chews to calm him down, which seem to work if the episode is caught soon enough. I’m not sure if this is a deaf-dog thing, or just a phase he is going through, or something else. I just want to be 100% transparent about what I’m observing, because I want him to go to a good home; one that knows what his whole personality is like, and can still love him and handle these episodes.

Note from Christina Lee from DDR: It sounds like he may be having OCD issues with shadow pouncing and light pouncing (digging) and it is very important to redirect this behavior 100% of the time as well as never using flash lights or laser lights around  him. Our deaf dogs do this from time to time especially in the fall when the leaves are falling and they are pouncing on the shadows so I limit their time outside and redirect them.

A family with experience with deaf dogs would probably be best for him, and one with just one other dog, max, so that Ice will get the time and attention he needs. Although we had him adopted, there were 3 other dogs there already, and Ice’s deafness and episodes were too much for the family.

Photo above: Ice at 8 weeks of age. 

I have attached some recent pics from this week of Ice, and have videos of him playing with the other remaining puppy from his litter (she goes to her home on the 20th), as well as a video of him during one of his episodes today (if an applicant wants to see exactly what I’m talking about).