Here at Deaf Dogs Rock we get the question often “Should I teach my deaf dog his/her name sign?” With all of our 7 deaf dogs (past and present) here at Deaf Dogs Rock we have never taught them a name sign but I know some people are very interested in doing so. With that in mind, please welcome some wonderful thoughts and training information from our Deaf Dogs Rock Ambassador from Down Under, certified trainer Natalie Rogers with K9 Concepts who will explain some of the pros and cons to teaching your deaf dog a name sign.

How to Teach Your Deaf Dog Their Name by trainer Natalie Rogers of K9 Concepts

Names are so central to our society and our identity. Our names are part of who we are! As humans, it’s so natural to name and label everything – naming helps us navigate and interpret the world around us. But, funnily enough, dogs don’t understand names in the same way that us humans do. Even for hearing dogs, a “name” is simply a cue for them to do a behavior.

In this video, I outline what “names” mean to dogs and make some suggestions as to how you might like to navigate this with your own deaf dogs.

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