From Tracey – Hope’s Mom:

I would like to share this story and a picture of my beautiful Hope.



I adopted her December 29, 2013 after my black lab, Worf, died on Christmas day. She was given up because she was deaf, but the excuse given was “she was cat aggressive”. I have cats and she does just fine with them.

I went to the local humane society to ‘just look’ the weekend before Christmas. I needed a break from dealing with Worf’s hospice care. I just wanted to look and love a on dog or two for a bit. When I went through the kennel area, Hope was the only dog not jumping and barking. She sat watching me with her blue eyes. I really think she knew I needed something. (I didn’t know she was deaf.)

She wasn’t up for adoption because she was suppose to go on the K9 Express out east twice before but health issues stopped it. This was her 3rd try and last chance, so I was told she wasn’t available. They did get her out to let me love on her a bit after hearing about my lab. Fate has a way of working things out, because a few days later the animal shelter who’d requested her said that they would allow her to stay so that I could adopted her.

This girl helps bring me hope and provides laughter with the goofy things she does. I love her