Update 12/16/19 – Hogan has been adopted!!


Hogan is a lovable goofy deaf dog who is looking for a loving home with someone who will cherish him and always keep him safe.

Hogan is a deaf, neutered bully/basset mix who is very friendly and gets along well with other dogs. He is a handsome boy with spectacular eyes and an outgoing demeanor. Although his full run is more of a wobbly lope, he loves to run and romp with other dogs of all sizes.

Hogan is also special in that he is completely deaf. His foster mom has been working with him on hand signs, and he knows how to sit using sign. He also knows to look to his handler for direction. His foster mom says they are taking time each day to learn commands visually to help him sit and focus before he eats and when we they are together to get his attention. They take the frisbee, balls and ropes outside to play. Mom can get his attention when toys are being thrown and he will run after them but then doesn’t seem to know what to do with them! Hogan is a very loving boy and likes belly rubs and hugs. You can always get his attention with a chewy treat.

At night and during the day while his foster mom is at work he stays in a enclosed area where he has room to walk around and stretch his legs. At first when put in his area he will bark for a bit then settles down for rest. He barks to go out to potty and will take care of both of his business’ like clockwork.

Hogan needs a patient owner and a very secure area in his new home. If he were to run off as he is a curious fellow, he would not hear traffic or his owner calling him. He will respond to his human but has to see you visually.
If you are looking for a good family dog and have patience and time to work with Hogan, his goofy, friendly manner will more than repay your efforts.