Located Grand Rapids, Michigan

Henry is a DEAF blue merle (NOT A DOUBLE MERLE) Aussie who is currently looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him and always keep him safe.

From his rescue advocate:  I run an independent Aussie rescue and do everything on my own dime. Henry needs a home where he is with just a couple of dogs.

I have asked friends, rescues and shelters!!! I get blown off like I am supposed to get NO HELP!

He was born 01-06-23
He is neutered, Chipped
Shots : Rabies, lyme,lepto,distemper and bordatella (all done at CSnip)
Heartworm test was just done and it’s negative.
Diamond Natural (lamb and rice) is the food he is on.

He is on Vectea 3d for flea/tick
Melbiguard for heartworm prevention

Henry needs more 1 on 1 than I can give him. He and a few of my other males (my personal dogs and yes they are all fixed) are not getting along. I have done and tried everything.

He comes with his leash, harness and 42″ Kong crate. He has had crate anxiety since he was a puppy. Henry was never abused in a crate or in anyway. He is unfortunately just 1 of those dogs that does not like the crate.