Helen’s Happy Tail by Kylie Blahut

A year ago we saw Deaf Dogs Rock Facebook page do a re-post of a skinny, sorrowful, unwanted deaf girl on death row. We left DC early to rescue her within hours of her kill date.

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It was the best decision we’ve made. The first few weeks were rough as she struggled with malnutrition, multiple infections, & a seizure. Today our deaf girl Helen is a healthy, happy, deaf dog who enjoys life to the fullest. She even knows over 15 signs and we make sure she dines on only the finest grain-free foods.

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Helen spends her days playing at doggie day care and her nights snuggling with us in bed. Helen’s unconditional love completed our family and she has also changed our lives forever.

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We encourage everyone to consider adopting a deaf dog. Training a deaf dog is not difficult! Training is a little it different. There is no such thing as a bad dog, just bad owners. We can never thank you enough for sharing her post that day!