Meet adoptable deaf 2.5  year old deaf Jack Russell Terrier Helen who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who is home a lot and can take her with them when they go out. Helen does have separation anxiety so it does help to be familiar with SA.

From her current caregiver: Helen is a Jack Russell terrier weighing in about 11 pounds full of character and love. I have had her since she was born (her parents were also my dogs) she was born Feb 17, 2021! She has mainly been an outside pup but has adjusted to living inside. She knows sit, speak and potty in sign language but only does it if she knows the reward.

Due to her complete deafness since birth she has anxiety to being alone and away from people. She does well with most dogs but not so well with cats and chickens! I absolutely love this pup and wish I could continue care for her but unfortunately due to a move for work I cannot provide her the time she deserves nor does she have the outside area she was once used to. She would make a perfect lap dog if you gave her a chance or an amazing outside dog if other dogs were present. She is a barker when alone so be mindful of that (so no apartments,  condos or townhomes).

If you are interested in adopting Helen and live within a short driving distance of Americus GA please contact Savannah for adoption fees and for her to send you a blank adoption application to fill out to be considered for adoption. You can email Savannah at