Heather is an overall sweetheart and is the most wonderful family pup who is deaf and looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her and always keep her safe.  At two years old Heather is very eager to please and learn. She is catching on to sign communication very quickly. Heather is super loyal and loves to be by your side. It takes her about a minute or two to warm up to new people, but once she does its all about the loving.


Heather loves her pup playtime. I have had other fosters, neighborhood vacation dog guests, and actually several at a time. She is happy to have furiends over to play and hang out with. After some fun rough and tumble Heather is more than happy to peacefully nap in my home office.

Heather is a dream on a leash and can easily walk alone or in a pack. We have often taken walks over four miles, but can skip days without whining in favor of Netflix on the couch.