This is Gracie’s Happy Tail told by Aarden Gross.


Hi My name is Aarden and I would just like to share the story of my baby girl Graycie. Graycie is a pure blood pitty and was born with hearing. One day when she was about two years old she was spending some time in the yard and broke her chain right in the middle, while chasing after god knows what she was struck by a truck. I noticed she was gone right away but it took me several hours to find her. She was laying in a ditch not moving at all, there was a man standing nearby watching her and a police man just pulled in and was about to take her to be put down (even though I put in a report nobody ever contacted me i just got lucky and found her myself).


At first we had no idea she lost her hearing, I talked to her and she just slept, she didn’t acknowledge me for the first two days. My girlfriend Kassy was playing with a ferret when it walked past graces face she smelled her and her eyes opened and tail started wagging and the biggest smile, at that moment we knew that she was fine , well as fine as you can be with a cracked skull, an eye swollen shut, her nose swollen shut, and road rash on her legs. I noticed she couldn’t hear me at all when she would stair at me and she looked so confused, but anytime I would lift my hands or point she was there. It has taken over 3 years but she is perfect now. She will not run off anymore. The doctor said to watch out for seizures because of scar tissue on her brain but she hasn’t had one, she just seems a little confused sometimes but that to be expected when you were born hearing and just lost it instantly. She has learned several hand signals and is now my best behaved dog (out of 5 dogs)


Thank You, Aarden Gross.


According to my deaf dogs Nitro, Bud and myself, Aarden and Graycie totally ROCK! Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock