Meet adoptable deaf, one year old Grace who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her, teach her cool new sign cues and always keep her safety a priority.

From her foster: Grace is truly the sweetest dog ever and super gentle! She is about 19 lbs with beautiful and unique markings! Our vet thinks she won’t get much bigger than she is and will just fill out a little more. She has a very dainty frame.

How she came into our lives: Several residents in our Hillcrest neighborhood in Little Rock, Arkansas saw her on the run and attempted to rescue her off of the streets. It took a week to get her because she would get about 10 feet from each of us and then head the other way. She stayed in the same area and took up residence at a local Montessori School sleeping in their garden area but it took almost a week before we could gain her trust. She won the hearts of countless residents that all collaborated in attempts to rescue her. On a hot day a group of us collaborated again trying to get her (our plan was to attempt trapping her if we needed to) but on a hot day she was worn out and one of the residents was able to win her trust.

Grace is incredibly gentle, playful and affectionate. She is potty trained and goes potty on her leash. She loves following us around the house everywhere. We are working on getting her crate trained. She will go in and out on her own and even take naps. Although, there are times she does not like being locked in it and gets very anxious so we are working on that, she has been through a lot and pretty sure she just needs love and attention, she really wants to have us in sight all the time. Due to schedules we have two families that are fostering her and taking turns.

Grace does really well with one of her foster moms who has 3 very chill dogs ranging in size from medium to really really big. However, she does not do well with her cats. I am her other foster mom. She does well with our 12 year old dog but our 3 year old overwhelms her because he plays to rough and it startles her. I’m sure it has to be really scary for her to be startled when she isn’t expecting it because he catches her by surprise. We think her ideal home would be one with older children and if a family has other dogs, they need to be very chill so she doesn’t get overwhelmed and she would do best in a home without cats. She can squeeze through very small areas so her future family needs to have a secure fenced in yard with no small holes. She is very inquisitive and notices everything.

She will be a wonderful dog for a family that can love on her and support her and be patient.