Our friends at Good Dog University and K-9 Daycare in West Springfield MA, hosted their ninth annual Wag-a-thon fundraiser to benefit Deaf Dogs Rock so we can continue to sponsor deaf dogs out of kill shelters into the loving arms of rescue. We are so blessed to have supporters in the Northeast to help us continue to help more deaf dogs in need.  Kim Balboni (our hero) who organizes the fundraiser every year, and her Good Dog University generous patrons raised 1418.14  to help Deaf Dogs Rock continue to sponsor deaf dogs and puppies into rescue. This generous donation will sponsor SEVEN deaf pups into special needs rescues throughout the U.S. We are beyond grateful for their continued support and commitment to our cause! Below is a photo of their chart with all the pup’s wagging totals.


More about the Good Dog University and K-9 Daycare Wag-a-thon:

Every June the patrons and team members at Good Dog University and K-9 Daycare organize a Wag-a-thon. I bet you all are wondering what a Wag-a-thon is. A Wag-a-thon is when a dog participates in a tail wagging competition. Each person who participates with their dog tries to get his/her dog to wag their tail as many times as they can in a 30 second time period. Every dog is timed by a stop watch with a couple of spotters counting each wag.  Each human participant agrees to pay  a certain amount money for each wag (could be quarter a wag, fifty cents a wag or even a dollar a wag) prior to the competition starting.


Monday June 24, 2024

Photo above is sweet dog Daisy who place 3rd with 80 tail wags! Great job Daisy!!!


Photo above: is Gunnar sporting his Deaf Dogs Rock tee shirt. He has so much fun wagging his tail to raise money for Deaf Dogs Rock 


Even Bronco the mustang from Utah participated in the Wag A Thon. He did 72 wags! 

Thanks to Kim Balboni and her 11 year old son who is training Mustang Bronco, the horse did 72 wags of his tail! Kim says it is because the fly season helped with all the tail swishing.



Above: Sweet Roxy took second place on one of the Wag A Thon Days (on Tuesday) and she did a great job! 


Above: Rugby did a great job participating in the Wag A Thon.


Above: Loki had a great time participating in the 2024 Wag A Thon,  he is a natural born wiggle butt wagger with his enthusiasm for life! 


Above: Violet totally ROCKED the 2024 Wag-A-Thon and her two little humans saved for months to be able to donate to Deaf Dogs Rock so we can continue to sponsor deaf pups into rescue. Thank you so much to Julian and Gabe for your generosity and kind hearts.

Donations have been way down in 2024 because so many people are struggling financially in this recession. We so appreciate the efforts of Kim and her entire Good Dog University family who have hosted this wonderful Wag A Thon for the ninth straight year to help Deaf Dogs Rock continue to help deaf dogs out of kill shelters into the safe arms of rescue. With their support we will be able to sponsor another six deaf dogs into rescue. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of the Good Dog University Family! ~ Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock