Our friends at Good Dog University and K-9 Daycare hosted their fifth annual Wag-a-thon fundraiser to benefit Deaf Dogs Rock so we can continue to sponsor deaf dogs out of kill shelters into the loving arms of rescue. We are so blessed to have supporters in the Northeast to help us continue to help deaf dog in need.

Every June the patrons and team members at Good Dog University organize a Wag-a-thon. I bet you all are wondering what a Wag-a-thon is. A Wag-a-thon is when a dog participates in a tail wagging competition. Each person who participates with their dog tries to get his/her dog to wag their tail as many times as they can in one minute time period. Every dog is timed by a stop watch with a couple of spotters counting each wag.  Each human participant agrees to pay  so much money for each wag (could be quarter a wag, fifty cents a wag or even a dollar a wag) prior to the competition starting.

The fifth annual Good Dog University Wag-a-thon was a huge success with GDU raising just over $1500 so Deaf Dogs Rock can continue to sponsor deaf dogs out of kill shelters into the safe arms or rescue. With the Pandemic going on this is a huge gift so we can continue to help deaf dogs in need.


Below are some of the 2020 Wag-a-thon doggy participants   – Thanks to all their mommy and daddies for letting their wonderful dogs participate. 

Tuesday June 2, 2020: Jules the black lab mix was top wagger of Tuesday’s group with 98 wags.




Wednesday June 3: Jack is top wagger of Wednesday with 96 wags.


And Scout is posing very adorably with her 86 wags participation award.



Webley the Border Collie had 68 wags in the Wag-a-thon!



Nutella/Pongo sister and brother duo resting after an awesome wagging job!!
Pongo the deaf Dalmatian with 84 wags! And Nutella with 92 wags!



Maverick did a great job in the 2020 Wag-a-thon fundraiser to benefit Deaf Dogs Rock with a total of 68 wags. Great job Maverick!