Our friends at Good Dog University and K-9 Daycare in West Springfield MA, hosted their seventh annual Wag-a-thon fundraiser to benefit Deaf Dogs Rock so we can continue to sponsor deaf dogs out of kill shelters into the loving arms of rescue. We are so blessed to have supporters in the Northeast to help us continue to help more deaf dogs in need.  Kim Balboni (our hero) who organizes the fundraiser every year, and her Good Dog University generous patrons raised $1112.00 to help us continue to sponsor deaf dogs and puppies into rescue. This generous donation will sponsor 5 deaf pups into special needs rescues throughout the U.S. We are beyond grateful for their continued support and commitment to our cause! Below is a photo of their chart with all the pup’s wagging totals.


More about the Good Dog University and K-9 Daycare Wag-a-thon:

Every June the patrons and team members at Good Dog University and K-9 Daycare organize a Wag-a-thon. I bet you all are wondering what a Wag-a-thon is. A Wag-a-thon is when a dog participates in a tail wagging competition. Each person who participates with their dog tries to get his/her dog to wag their tail as many times as they can in a 30 second time period. Every dog is timed by a stop watch with a couple of spotters counting each wag.  Each human participant agrees to pay  a certain amount money for each wag (could be quarter a wag, fifty cents a wag or even a dollar a wag) prior to the competition starting.

The seventh annual Good Dog University Wag-a-thon was a huge success with GDU raising $1112.00 so Deaf Dogs Rock can continue to sponsor deaf dogs out of kill shelters into the safe arms or rescue. Wow we are so blown away by all the participant’s support in this year’s Wag-a-thon. Deaf Dogs Rock will be able to offer sponsorship for 5 deaf dogs/pups because of this awesome fundraiser!

Monday – June 6, 22 – First Day of the Wag-a-thon! 

Above: Sweet Nita participated in this year’s Wag-a-thon. 

Above: Sweet Molly letting all the dogs at the Good Dog University Doggy Day Care know it is Wag-a-thon 2022 time! 

For the first day of the Wag-a-thon sweet Nita participated. For the second day of the Wag-a-thon Lola came in first (photo below) with 102 wags which is outstanding!

Above: Lola 


Tuesday June 7, 2022 – The second day of the Wag-a-thon

Doug the black lab tied for 2nd with 92 wags! Doug and Lola were rocking it in this years Wag-a-thon. Dixie tied for 4th with 86 wags!

Above: Doug with 92 wags! 


Above: Dixie with 86 wags! 


Wednesday June 8,2022 – The third day of the 7th Annual Wag-a-thon

Above: Sweet Rover was showing everyone the ropes today on day 3 of the Wag-a-thon at Good Dog University and K-9 Daycare. So far Rover is the top fundraiser! He has the cutest and proudest smile ever!


Above: Rugby also participated in the Wag-a-thon and can be seen in the photo representing our “Top 10 Reasons Why Deaf Dogs Rock” slogan. Rugby came in with 84 wags which beat his record of 77 wags in 2021! Congratulations Rugby! Rock on buddy!


Sweet happy happy dog Dexter was the top dog on Wednesday the third day of the Wag-a-thon with 94 wags in a row! Great job Dexter!


Thursday June 9, 22 – The fourth day of the annual Wag-a-thon

Above: Sweet Benny hit 60 Wags on Thursday’s Wag-a-thon fundraiser. Good job Benny boy! 


Above: Sweet Doodle Teddy was the Top Wagger on Thursday with 60 wags! Great job Teddy! 


Friday 6/10/22 – The fifth day of the 7th Annual Wag-a-thon

Above: The Wag Total Chart with all the dogs names and total wags for the week. 


Above: Sweet Annie came in third on Friday’s Wag-a-thon. Good job Annie!