Meet adoptable deaf 8 year old Dogo Argentino Ghost who needs a loving forever home with an experienced large breed person who can help Ghost navigate his new world in a new home.

Ghost was originally surrendered to our local pound in August 2023, in Fredericktown, MO. He is a Doggo Argentino which is a large breed. Ghost originally came here after being adopted from a shelter in Colorado.

Ghost has had several homes in his 8 years. We are pretty sure it was because he’s deaf…something we discovered while he was in the pound but not listed anywhere on his records. No wonder he never learned to do what his people told him to do!

He needs someone willing to learn to communicate with him using a method other than speech. He is currently in a shelter in the St. Charles, MO. They have advised us that he is deteriorating locked up for so long. We need your help because our homes and our foster homes are full. Is there anyone out there up for this challenge? Do you have what it takes to communicate with this fella? He is very compliant and calm for a 7 year old that has been moved around so much.