Did you know that April 8, 2017 is National Dog Fighting Awareness Day?

Above: Our Deaf Dogs Rock Executive Team asking you to join us in the ASPCA’s #GetTough dog fighting awareness campaign. 

We are asking our Deaf Dogs Rock community to participate and share the #GetTough message by taking a selfie of you and your dog (add the hashtag of #GetTough, #ASPCA #deafdogsrock) and share a link to to spread awareness on your social media channels. Go to the  Aspca.org/gettough and follow the steps to participate important social media awareness campaign.

When the ASPCA contacted us here at Deaf Dogs Rock and asked us if we would help get the word out about the ASPCA’s #GetTough social media campaign to bring awareness and fight against dog fighting, we jumped at the chance to help out. Since 60%+  of the deaf dogs available for adoption are bully mixes we knew we needed to help. In honor of National Dog Fighting Awareness Day on Saturday April 8, the ASPCA is asking animal advocates across the country to Get Tough on dog fighting. Will you join all of us?

Dog Fighting is a brutal form of animal cruelty and it occurs in every part of the country and in every type of community, and it is up to all of us to get it stopped. The ASPCA is working hard to eradicate dog fighting by assisting in raids with law enforcement agencies in conjunction with rescues and by advocating for stronger laws and asking for much stronger sentencing guidelines for those who commit this gruesome crime. But they can’t do it alone—they need the support of animal advocates like us.

Let’s ROCK this campaign! ~ Christina

Read on for three simple ways to help.


Above: Our Deaf Dogs Rock friends participating in bringing awareness to the ASPCA’s #GetTough on dog fighting campaign. 

Attention ROCKERS! Be sure to join in with us and take a photo with your deaf and hearing dogs and post it on our Deaf Dogs Rock FB page under Post By Page by clicking here so we can show everyone how serious we are to help end dog fighting.

Cynthia and her deaf pit bull Angel

Follow up and post your photos on our Deaf Dogs Rock Twitter page by clicking here.

Hashtags #GetTough #ASPCA #DeafDogsRock

How can we help the ASPCA get tough on dog fighting?

By taking the following steps.

1.   Sign the Pledge to #GetTough on Dog Fighting 


 2. Snap a selfie and show the world you’re tough on dog fighting!  Be sure to use the #GetTough #ASPCA hashtags when you share your selfie on your social media channels.


3. Share it on Social Media! 

Above: Deaf Dog Nitro with his daddy Chris Lee promoting awareness to #GetTough on Dog Fighting. #GetTough, #ASPCA, #DeafDogsRock

Ten Ways To Help END Dog Fighting by the ASPCA

Despite being wonderful companion animals, Pit Bulls often attract the worst kind of dog owners—those who are only interested in them for fighting or protection. It’s a shame what has happened to this loyal and affectionate breed. Despite its illegality, people are still training and breeding Pit Bulls to participate in dog fights across the country. Here are ten ways you can help end this cruel “sport”:

  1. Support stronger laws. Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center to keep up to date on dog fighting legislation in your state.
  2. Alert the media! Your local newspaper and television station are always looking for stories, especially investigative ones—be sure to contact them about the cruelty and dangers of dog fighting.
  3. Call or write your local law enforcement department and let them know that investigating dog fighting cruelty should be a priority. Dog fighting is a CRIME—and the police MUST investigate these cases.
  4. Keep your eyes and ears open. If you suspect dog fighting in your own neighborhood, contact the police or your local animal control officer. Provide as much information as you can, such as the date and time you noticed something wrong, the address or location, and what led you to believe there was dog fighting taking place.
  5. Protect your pets. Dog fighters sometimes steal companion animals to use as bait dogs. Don’t let your animals outside without supervision, and make sure they have proper identification tags and are micro-chipped.
  6. Adopt a Pit Bull and let your perfect pooch be an ambassador for the breed! Be sure to read our Pit Bull adoption tips before you start your search.
  7. Set a good example for others. If you are already the proud parent of a Pit Bull, be sure to always show them the love and good care that they deserve. And always let others know what great companions they make!
  8. Volunteer! If your local shelter is facing a Pit Bull dilemma, volunteer to help keep adoptable Pit Bulls and Pit mixes mentally and physically fit by exercising them or taking them to obedience classes. You can also lead a chew-toy drive at work to collect rawhides or hard rubber playthings to keep them busy, or help create a fundraiser to support a free sterilization program for Pit Bulls in your local shelter.
  9. Educate others in your community about the horrors of dog fighting and start a neighborhood watch program.
  10. Teach your children. Do your kids have questions about dog fighting? Teach your children that dog fighting is wrong, cruel and against the law.

To take a closer look at dog fighting click here.