Meet adoptable 5 month old deaf bully mix puppy George who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will always be his best friend, make daily positive reinforcement training/enrichment/exercise a priority and always keep him safe. He would love a home with a secure fenced in yard to run and play in.

From his caregiver: Hi my name is George I am a white pit bull with brown spots. I have one brown eye and one blue eye. I am approximately 5-6 months old. I am extremely loving and playful and just love being around children. I love to play with my toys. I can play fetch and even bring the ball back. I also get along very well with other dogs. I am house trained and will definitely let you know when I need to go outside to go potty.

So a little background on me. My current owner is a wonderful 81 year old woman who is doing everything possible to care for me but Has some medical issues she is dealing with and can no longer give me the love I need. About September of this year she had found me and I had some serious wounds to my neck due to my collar cutting into it really bad. She took me to the vet I got all my shots as well as medical treatment for my wounds. I am all healed up!! My wounds did not affect my personality!


I’m looking for someone to show me some love and affection. Someone who can throw the ball and play with me! Someone who can teach me some signs and spend lots of quality time with me. I can’t wait to meet you and show you all the love I have to give!