The fourth annual Wag-a-thon to benefit Deaf Dogs Rock just wrapped up and I have to say it was a huge success!  We are so lucky to have the best supporters in this crazy world of deaf dog advocacy. This year’s Wag-a-Thon was held again in June and WOW what a wonderful team effort it was by the folks and patrons of Good Dog University and K9 Daycare Center in West Springfield MA! It looks like they all had great time and raised $3621.50! Because of the generosity of these amazing supporters, Deaf Dogs Rock can continue to sponsor deaf dogs into rescues across the country.

As of June 30, 2017, Deaf Dogs Rock has sponsored 70 deaf dogs/puppies into partner rescues through our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy Program. I want to personally thank Kim and Michael Balboni for organizing and putting on this wonderful fundraiser every year. This fundraiser is exactly the kind of shot in the arm we need for Deaf Dogs Rock because in the summer months donations slow down so the money raised from the 2017 Wag-a-thon will really help us going forward into 3rd quarter. Thanks also to all the patrons of Good Dog University that participated in this year’s event. 



Photo: Good Dog University and K-9 Day Care

Below: Some of the pups who participated in the 2017 Wag-a-Thon

Above: Mary participated with her dog and they had a great time! 

What is a Wag-a-thon?  A Wag-a-thon is a timed event where a doggy daycare camp counselor makes the dog happy for 30 seconds (think doggy treats, balls or showing the dog’s a leash), another counselor times each dog while their tail is wagging, and another person counts how many times the dog’s tail wags. For example, lets say a dog wags his tail 60 times in 30 seconds and the person has pledged .50 a wag, that would equal a donation of $30.

Photo above: We also shipped some fun goodies for Kim to give out to the team with the highest number of wags and money raised. 


A huge shout out and thank you to everyone who participated in the 2017 Wag-a-thon! 

Nitro, Bud, Bowie, Cornell, Chris, and I would like to thank Kim and Michael Balboni and her entire Good Dog University Wag-a-Thon Team for helping us continue to help one deaf dog at a time! You are all RESCUE WARRIORS in our book!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You all ROCK!

~ Christina, Chris, Nitro, Bud, Bowie and Cornell – Deaf Dogs Rock


Read more about past Wag-a-thon events below. 

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 Photo: Puck, Kim, and Jersey

On February 28th, 2013 our beloved deaf Dalmatian Sherwood passed away. In honor of what would have been his 3rd birthday on June 1st, the dogs here at Good Dog University and K9 Daycare in West Springfield, MA are going to be participating in a Wag-a-Thon to raise money for Deaf Dogs Rock who transports, pays their medical expenses for deaf dogs in need, and also rescues deaf dogs out of kill shelters and sponsors them into non-kill shelters. 

Kim what is a Wag-a-Thon? Well I’ll explain. Each dog is given 30 seconds to see how many times they can wag their tail! Our camp counselors were in charge of making these pups happy how ever they were able to, some needed a bribe of yummy smelling cookies, others just needed to see a leash and ask if they were ready for their walk.  Many of the pups got excited when they saw a basket full of tennis balls and some just needed to hear their name to get those tails a waggin.

unnamed (35)

Check out Ruby one of the Top Waggers in her new Deaf Dogs Rock Bandana! 

unnamed (25)

Here is a photo of our official Pledge Form. 

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This is Elsie – She was the TOP DOG in donations with a grand total of $225! 

The pledge forms were simple either they could donate a flat rate donation or a certain about per each wag of the dog’s tail. Clients got to work collecting donations for their faith companions and many of them asked friends and family to donate.  Some of our donors asked their co-workers (heck it’s the same as those candy bar fund raisers kids do right)? Others donors just made a donation for their own 4 legged friend. We had people donating anywhere from a dollar to 50 for the flat donation and some had fun donating anywhere from 10 cents to a dollar per wag which made me smile! 

unnamed (9)

We kept track of the incoming pledges by pinning up a Wag-a-Thon Meter

Once the dogs were all settled, the craziness began and each dog’s owner handed in a pledge form. Once the wagging began each dog was being watched as counselors went to work counting. As you can imagine with the fast wagging tails it was a challenge to count so fast!  Once everyone was done with the Wag-a-Thon, we logged the top 5 Waggers for the day on a piece of paper and posted it to the door.

 It was so much fun seeing all anticipation and excitement in everyone’s faces because they couldn’t wait to find out how their pups did!

unnamed (7)

We kept track of the Top 5 Best Waggers each day and posted them for everyone to see. 

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I was very proud of how much we were able to raise for Deaf Dogs Rock ($2638.50!!!) and want to put out a HUGE thank you to all that participated. THANK YOU!!!

Kim Balboni – Owner and Senior Trainer at Good Dog University and K-9 Daycare.