Meet adoptable, one year old, deaf,  American Bulldogs mix  pup Finnigan who is currently and patiently looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him, make him a priority and always keep him safe.


From his rescue advocate: Update 5/3/24:

Sweet deaf Dogo Finnigan knows hand sign cues, he is well socialized with dogs of all size/ ages (and special needs), he loves to sleep with his fur brothers and fur sisters.  Finnigan is house/pee pad/doggy door/leash trained, and rides well in the car (hasn’t quite figured out how to get in and out though, ha ha).
Updated photos of Finnigan May 2024



Meet adoptable deaf 12 month old (DOB 5/14/23) American bulldog puppy Finnigan who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him, make daily positive reinforcement sign training/socialization/enrichment a priority and always keep him safe.

From his advocate: Handsome Finnigan is a deaf American Bulldog blend 8 month old pup (est. d.o.b. is 5/14/23) and is now available for adoption. Finnigan was rescued from a parking lot where he and his litter mates were being given away at the age of 7 weeks – malnourished and filled with parasites. We quickly grabbed Finnigan when we learned from the owner that Finnigan was one of the puppies “that always come out blind or deaf” and that was why he was all alone in a crate. Since that day, Finnigan has been living with us at our home rescue and sanctuary. Finnigan is growing tall, he is healthy and we are continuing his training. He loves to rough and tumble play with his fur foster brothers and sisters (of all sizes and ages).

Finnigan knows hand general sign cues and he is current on all his vaccinations. He is neutered, house trained, doggy door trained, and he walks well on a leash (he wears a harness/vest in public and I suggest that he should wear a vest when in public to inform humans to him being deaf).

Finnigan loves car rides and sits very calmly while he takes in all the scenery. Finnigan is very sociable and loves doggies in all shapes and sizes. He tends to be shy around new humans, as we do not have daily visitors, however when meeting a person, he responds according to (and learns) how the “pack” responds (none of our dogs are aggressive or assertive). Finnigan is wonderful in social situations, such as the vet hospital, etc. and loves regular visits and nail trims where he can be more one on one and meet a person/people in a calmer environment. Remember, he is a deaf puppy and is depending on and learning from his human teacher and companion to teach, show him the ropes and reassure him. Cats, other pets and children do not live here, however, an older child/teenager (12+) who knows how to respect a dog’s boundaries and understand a deaf dog’s special needs and the importance of his safety, will be considered.

Finnigan is not a jumper, however our adoption requirements include a fenced in yard which is completely and appropriately fenced (4.5′ + tall min.) with locking gates and access to the home.

Finnigan is very affectionate and loves companionship. He absolutely loves to cuddle with, lay with, sleep and nap with a doggy companions, whether in a doggy bed or nearby for companionship and play. He will not do well or be happy as a single dog in a household or left alone, as he is very “doggy buddy” or group oriented, since this is the only environment he knows).

He is “boy’s boy” and is very physical and loves to play, run, chase toys, chew toys, help dig and lay in holes, sleep in dirt, get muddy (yes), wrestle with other dogs (medium size+ is a good size for a companion who won’t get hurt rough housing). Finnigan loves to be outside with other doggies but because of his light pigmentation, he should not be in full sun without a shaded area.  I bring him in and out throughout the day, to limit his sun exposure. He could easily develop skin cancer if exposed to the sun to much . Sunscreens do not work as they are licked off by other dogs and makes dirt, dust, etc. stick to his fur.

Finnigan also loves the water and a baby/puppy pool in his new home with some toys would be his dream!! He has never been in a human pool or water over 2’ deep. *A swimming pool or low hot tub that is not adequately fenced off would be extremely dangerous for him as he will not hear warnings*. He is a typical active boy, but is not hyper — who would do best in a home environment that is active every day. A daily walk and minimal exercise will not be sufficient for him to be happy. Daily walks or jogs, and regular car rides in addition to daily play time is best.

His eye sight is not perfect at night or in the dark, but is not regarded as visually impaired. As with most every deaf doggy, if he is sleeping in the night and is startled awake, he will let out 1 or 2 barks but then approach slowly to see who you are. Once he sees you and recognizes you, his tail wags like crazy and is happily heading your way to say “what’s up friend?”

His favorite treats are any raw or cooked vegetable. He loves raw organic baby carrots, apple chunks, (he also eats green beans and peas, cooked canned pineapple or cooked sweet potato) and his favorite is all natural/organic peanut butter! He will take a pill easily if there’s a tad of peanut butter on it! Finnigan would be a joyful addition to any active family and is a head turner on walks and outings (supervised-be mindful when introducing any other doggies). I strongly suggest that he continues to wear a vest in public, that says DEAF DOG on it but one that is printed to inform humans to him being deaf and includes all of his info, in addition to his collar and tags).

Finnigan has never been to a dog park (it’s not necessary on our property), and we do not recommend dog parks or public places with several other dogs and people, as there are obvious concerns for his health and safety, particularly with him being deaf and the inability to know if all other dogs are fully vaccinated and socialized (remember, he can’t be called away if there is trouble). It would be very beneficial for Finnigan to begin training with a vibrating collar specifically for deaf dogs (never use a shock collar).

Sweet Finnigan would be an incredible new furry family member who will add joy, laughter and fun to the right home who is committed to his daily enrichment, training and safety.  Finnigan is available for adoption through Puppy Dog Ranch Rescue & Sanctuary in Las Cruces, NM (southern, NM), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Mom & Pop no kill/no cage rescue and sanctuary for special needs, blind, deaf and senior dogs.

We promote pre-adoption sleepovers to pre-approved adopters and encourage meet n greets and one-on-one visits and play time with Finnigan but you need to be local to or near Las Cruces NM to be considered. We do not transport our dogs.

Our Adoption Application and guidelines is available upon request. Email: Please don’t hesitate to ask questions!