Fergus’ Happy Tail written by Stephanie of Portland Oregon

Fergus rescued me almost eight years ago when he was six years old. He spent those early years being neglected and abused by his previous owners who finally surrendered him to FBRN rescue. He had been attacked regularly (while closed in a pantry) by the previous owner’s other Frenchie who didn’t like the noises Fergus made when the family left the house. Having never been walked on a leash, taken in the car for rides, socialized, or taught any signs I had my work cut out for me.


When I fostered him for evaluation, I knew in time I’d want to adopt him. Little did I know he’d be the one to get me through divorce after thirteen year relationship and the terminal cancer diagnosis of my mom, most recently my dad, and the passing of three other rescue canine companions who made it to the rip old ages of twelve to fourteen years old.


As we approach Ferguson’s 14th birthday the signs of decline become evident, but with organic whole food, physical therapy, acupuncture and loads of TLC – everyday with him is a gift. I’ve always had animals, but Fergus is my once in a lifetime special therapy dog. They are such a gift of unconditional love, providing limitless joy, teaching us presence and gratitude. The short time they are here can’t prepare us for the depth of their absence as they transition to the rainbow bridge. I have endless gratitude for this silly, sweet being, and feel incredibly lucky, and honored to be his trusted guardian.


Someday when the time comes I won’t hesitate to welcome another deaf dog. But for now my heart continues healing and expanding with Fergus. Thank you for doing what you do and spreading the knowledge and love for deaf dogs.
Portland Oregon