Thank you to all of our supporters who donated to Deaf Dogs Rock in the month of February 2020 to keep our mission going! The core mission of our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy program is to set up each deaf puppy/dog for success by sending them into a experienced special needs rescue where they go into a experienced deaf dog foster home that is committed to training and socializing each deaf dog that comes into their care. This way each foster advocate gets the opportunity to live with the deaf dog, work with the deaf dog, and accurately evaluate each deaf dog/puppy to make sure to match the dog with the right home once the adoption screening process starts. The adoption screening process is very thorough. Each interested family must fill out an adoption application that asks lots of questions and a full list of references is required to be considered for adoption.

We work with shelters, rescues, private individual and breeders to help get each deaf puppy into our Rocker Puppy program to make sure each deaf dog/puppy gets the individual training, socialization, and love to grow up to become a cherished member of society. Deaf Dogs Rock is a judgement free zone and are here to help deaf dogs and puppies get a fresh start and a chance at a great life.

When screening potential homes for a deaf dog/puppy, there are many guidelines to follow like checking all references, talking to the applicant’s veterinarian and performing a thorough home visit to make sure each home is a safe place for a deaf or deaf/blind dog. This is why our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy is so important to set each deaf pup up for a successful happy life in their new home. Our Rocker Puppy program financially sponsors each deaf dog/puppy so the dogs can be spay/neutered before they are adopted to a new family. We only work with rescues and advocacy organizations who are committed in making sure each deaf dog/puppy is spay/neutered before being placed in a new home.

Wow, February was another really busy month! Our amazing Deaf Dogs Rock community sponsored 15 dogs/puppies in February which is a huge accomplishment sponsoring 15 deaf dogs/pups two months in a row!  Thanks to the financial support of our loyal Deaf Dogs Rock community, we can continue to help deaf dogs in need. So far since our start of our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy sponsorship program we have sponsored 699 deaf dogs (as of 2/29/20).  So far in 2020, Deaf Dogs Rock has sponsored 30 deaf dogs/pups into the safe arms of rescue. We could not do it without your on going support! Thank you, thank you, thank you! ~Christina Lee

PS: Here are our monthly recaps for dogs sponsored for February 2020.

Hendrix, Bela and Pearl – White Diamond Double Merle Dane Rescue – Delaware 

Photo above: Hendrix and Bella – 2 deaf Catahoula pups

Photo above: Pearl – 2 year old deaf Cocker Spaniel

We are always excited to work with a new rescue who specializes in special needs deaf and deaf blind dogs. We in need of rescue partners in the Northeast and the Northwest so we would like to welcome White Diamond Double Merle Dane Rescue out of Delaware. They have had a very busy month so our Deaf Dogs Rock community has come together to help sponsor some of the deaf intakes in February.

Dozer – DC Dogos 

Dozer is a sweet 11 month old deaf Dogo Argentino. We want to thank DC Dogos Inc Rescue for making room for this pretty girl and getting her into the safe arms of rescue.

Diesel – Lovable Mutts Rescue 

When we heard from Danielle with the Calvert County Animal Shelter who had a deaf American Bulldog named Diesel who needed rescue we jumped at the chance to help. We let Danielle know about our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy program and offered a rescue sponsorship to help Diesel out of the shelter. Thanks to Lovable Mutts rescue who stepped up to pull Diesel he is not safe. Thanks to Cindy with Lovable Mutts for saving Diesel. Above are photos of Cindy’s granddaughter hanging out with deaf American Bulldog Diesel. Cindy reports he is a wonderful dog!


3 deaf Sheepdoodle puppies – Speak For The Unspoken

When Andrea contacted us from Speak For The Unspoken Rescue in Ohio to help with three deaf Sheepdoodle puppies from a puppy mill, Deaf Dogs Rock was happy to help. Through our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy Program these three little ones will get the vetting they need, go into a loving foster home to learn some of the basics of their training foundation while potential homes are being carefully screened. Thanks to the Speak Team for taking such good care of them!

White Diamond Double Merle Dane Rescue in Delaware

Photo above: Tank – 10 month old Catahoula puppy who is deaf and vision impaired. 

Photo above: Ribbon – 10 month old vision and hearing impaired Catahoula puppy. 


10 month old siblings Fergus and Ferinand who are Chi/pug mixes who are deaf and extremely vision impaired. 


Thanks to White Diamond Double Merle Dane Rescue in Delaware for taking these two pairs of Double Merle siblings (from two different litters) who are all vision impaired and deaf. In the last 18 months we have seen a huge uptick in the breeding of Double Merle Catahoulas, Great Danes, and Australian Shepherds. Without our partner rescues through out the US, that specialize in rescuing deaf and deaf/blind dogs, most of these dogs would end up in kill shelters being put to sleep. We so appreciate the support we get from our Deaf Dogs Rock Community so we can continue to sponsor deaf and deaf/blind dogs into special needs rescues where they will go into an experienced foster home, get the training/vetting they need while special homes are being screened for adoption.

Eros – DC Dogos Rescue 

Thanks to Pamala Fay with DC Dogos Rescue and Isa for fostering this little Dogo puppy down in Florida. Fosters literally save lives. Many of the fosters who work with partner rescues are out of state from the rescue but they provide a life saving two week quarantine for puppies like Eros so the puppy has time to get fully vaccinated before it travels on a rescue transport or is available for adoption locally.


Barkley and Rowan – Speak St. Louis 

It seems to always be puppy season in Mo where many of the puppy mills are doing business. Thank goodness our partner rescue Speak St. Louis Rescue is in MO to help all these deaf and vision impaired Double Merle puppies. It was just a few years ago puppies like Barkley and Rowan (pictured above) would have been culled (put to death) but over the last few years through education of our website, other deaf dog advocates spreading awareness/education  and rescues like Speak St. Louis the tide is changing. With our tribe of rescue warriors, now deaf puppies have an opportunity to live a full joyful life in a new forever home because they get sponsored into rescue, they get to go into an experienced foster home to learn the basics while potential homes are being screened for adoption. It gives our Deaf Dogs Rock community great pleasure to be able to sponsor deaf and vision impaired Double Merle puppies Barklay and Rowan into Speak St. Louis rescue.