Thank you to all of our supporters who donated to Deaf Dogs Rock in the month of February 2021 to keep our mission going! Our Deaf Dogs Rock community has sponsored 21 deaf dogs/pups into rescue in the month of February. It is an early PUPPY season this February with deaf puppies showing up at Animal Shelters across the country. With sponsoring 19 deaf dogs in January and another 21 this month, our Deaf Dogs Rock community sponsored 40 deaf dogs into rescue in the first two months of the new year!

It takes a tribe of animal lovers to support Deaf Dogs Rock to continue to carry out our mission. If you would like to help sponsor a deaf dog out of a kill shelter into the safe arms of rescue, please click here to Donate. 

The core mission of our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy sponsorship program is to set up each deaf puppy/dog for success by sending them into a experienced special needs rescue where they go into a experienced deaf dog foster homes who are committed to training and socializing each deaf dog that comes into their care. This way each foster advocate gets the opportunity to live with the deaf dog, work with the deaf dog, and accurately evaluate each deaf dog/puppy to make sure the organization makes a great match for each deaf dog with the right home once the adoption screening process starts.

Deaf Dogs Rock works with shelters, rescues, private individual and breeders to help get each deaf puppy into our Rocker Puppy sponsorship program and into rescue. By doing so, each deaf pup gets the individual training, socialization, and love to grow up to become a cherished member of society. Deaf Dogs Rock is a judgement free zone and our number one priority will always be to help deaf dogs and puppies get a fresh start and a chance at a great life.

When screening potential homes for a deaf dog/puppy, each partner rescue has a specific set of guidelines to follow like checking all references, talking to the applicant’s veterinarian and performing a thorough home visit to make sure each home is a safe place for a deaf or deaf/blind dog. This is why our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy is so important to set each deaf pup up for a successful happy life in their new home. Our Rocker Puppy sponsorship program financially sponsors each deaf dogs/puppies so the dogs can be vaccinated and spay/neutered before they are adopted to a new family. We only work with rescue partners and advocacy organizations who are committed in making sure each deaf pup is spay/neutered before being placed in a new home. If you would like to donate to our Rocker Puppy sponsorship program, please click here.

Our amazing Deaf Dogs Rock community sponsored 21 deaf dogs/puppies in February, 2021 which is a huge accomplishment considering we are in the middle of a Pandemic. Thanks to the financial support of our loyal Deaf Dogs Rock community, we can continue to help deaf dogs in need. So far since our start of our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy sponsorship program we have sponsored 914 deaf dogs (as of 02/28/21) into rescue.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! ~ Christina Lee

Theodore, Simon and Alvin – Speak St. Louis 


Above: Theodore


Above: Simon 


Above: Alvin 

These three deaf mini-aussies are sponsored into our partner rescue Speak St. Louis Rescue in MO. Sweet Theodore, Simon and Alvin are now safely in foster care where they will start their sign training and get all their vetting done while potential homes are being screened. Thanks to our supporters we were able to work to get these three to Speak St. Louis.

Marigold – Amazing Aussies Lethal White of Arizona 


Marigold is eight weeks old, rescued from euthanasia. She was born DEAF and may have some vision impairment which was 100% preventable. The breeder intentionally breeds Merle to Merle and we were told has been euthanizing the innocent for the last twenty years. Marigold is sponsored into Amazing Aussies Lethal White Rescue of Arizona through our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy Sponsorship Program to help with her vetting expenses. She will need to see a certified Opthalmologist to see what is going on with her eyes.

Aussie Pups pulled from shelter – Speak for The Unspoken Ohio 

Poor Norah Jones and Nina Simone are 12 week old deaf puppies who were pulled from a shelter. Unfortunately Nina is fighting for her life because she has Parvo and so far Norah is doing okay and doesn’t show any signs of Parvo. Thanks to Speak For The Unspoken Rescue in Ohio for pulling Norah and Nina and getting them to the vet right away. Both puppies will be sponsored by our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy sponsorship program to help with vetting costs. Unfortunately some breeders choose to dump their deaf puppies at shelters where there is a much higher risk of the puppies coming down with an illness. We now have special needs partner rescues all over the country. If a puppy needs help all the breeder has to do is contact one of the rescues or send me a message at for us to help facilitate rescue, transport and sponsorship.


Blue and Chief – Speak St. Louis 

Thanks to our friends at Speak St. Louis Rescue for making room for deaf puppy Blue. When someone reached out to us about their deaf puppy we shared our Rocker Puppy Sponsorship program with them so they had the option of letting Deaf Dogs Rock contact Speak St. Louis to get deaf puppy Blue into their program. We are so thankful that Blue’s caregiver saw the value of setting Blue up for success by sending him to Speak St. Louis.


Sweet deaf blind puppy Chief is a 8 week old Double Merle puppy who was going to be euthanized by his owner until Speak St. Louis Rescue stepped in to help him. Chief is sponsored into Speak St. Louis through our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy sponsorship program so he can be thoroughly vetted, start his touch training, learn new things in his new foster home until a great home can be found with someone committed to being his advocate and setting him up for further success.


Kane – Vegas Roots Rescue 

Poor sweet deaf Dogo Kane needed a rescue so Deaf Dogs Rock put out a medical rescue sponsorship offer. Kane needed entropian surgery for both eyes. We were so glad that Angie Swayze was Kane’s advocate in trying to find him a rescue. We learned that Vegas Roots Rescue took in Kane and he is in foster care. He is getting the Entropian surgery he needs and Deaf Dogs Rock is doing a medical sponsorship for Kane so we can send in $400 to go towards his eye surgery costs. Thanks Vegas Roots Rescue and Angie for looking out for sweet deaf Dogo Kane

Updated photo of Kane and his new adoption listing is here:

Porter – Speak St. Louis

Poor deaf/blind 1.5 year old Porter was kept outside full time and many times locked in a shed because the people who had him didn’t see outside help for training or information. Thanks to Speak St. Louis Rescue for rescuing Porter and showing him that he can be loved, live inside with his new foster family and hopefully find a wonderful person who will make him part of a new family. Deaf/blind dogs can be easily trained through touch training.

Maggie – Happy Tails Animal Rescue – Edmond OK 

Thanks to our Happy Tails Animal Rescue in OK for making room for deaf Aussie/Corgi pup Maggie. Her human reached out to Deaf Dogs Rock because she was working two jobs, going to graduate school and trying to raise two young children. She felt that Maggie was not getting the attention and training she needs so we put her in contact with Moria with Happy Tails. Moria picked up Maggie and took her into rescue. Maggie will be sponsored into Happy Tails through our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy Program.


Gypsy – DC Dogos 


Another deaf Dogo Argentino Puppy (only 5 weeks old) was dumped at a Alabama shelter so DC Dogo Rescue  stepped in again to pull this pup. Meet sweet deaf Dogo puppy Gypsy. She is in quarantine foster care with Ami in Florida but once her she is cleared to travel she will be heading to IL who is a very experienced deaf Dogo foster home. Gypsy will be sponsored into rescue through our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy Sponsorship program so we can help with her vetting expenses.


Kimchi – K9 4 Keeps Rescue – Chicago IL 

Above photo courtesy of K9 4 KEEPs FB page. 

We were contacted by a young lady named Yvonne who had found a deaf pit bull. She looked for the owner, waited 10 days and then had to turn the dog over to the CACC center in Chicago. We let her know if a rescue stepped up Deaf Dogs Rock would sponsor her into rescue. We just heard back from Yvonne that she was pulled by K9 4 KEEPs Rescue in Chicago. This is wonderful news. There are so many pit bulls at the Animal Control and usually a deaf pit bull is the first one in line to be euthanized. We are so happy she got pulled by K9 4 Keeps Rescue. She will be sponsored into their rescue through our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy Sponsorship program so her sponsorship can go towards her vetting now so she can get the medical attention she needs before becoming available for adoption.

Freddy and Sammy Deaf/blind Catahoula dogs  in AWL Charlotte – Perfectly Imperfectly Pups Rescue NC 

When we saw a post on Facebook on the Animal Welfare League of Charlotte County NC we knew we had to help. Both Freddy and Sammy have been at the shelter since December and with both of them being deaf/blind we knew they needed a rescue. We put out a rescue sponsorship offer for both dogs if a reputable 501c3 foster based special needs rescue could make room for them. We heard on 2/21/21 that Perfectly Imperfectly Pups Rescue in North Caroline pulled both deaf/blind dogs to safety. We want to thank our friends Patricia and Vern for donating every month to Deaf Dogs Rock so we can sponsor deaf dogs like Freddy and Sammy. Thanks to Vern and Patricia these two deaf dogs will be recipients of our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy sponsorship program.


Wink – Happy Tails Animal Rescue 

Deaf puppies are showing up in shelters across the U.S. this February. Thank goodness for our partner rescues who have good relationships in place with the shelters so when a deaf and deaf/blind puppy gets surrendered the special needs rescues are on the shelters speed dial. Thanks to our friends at Happy Tails Animal Rescue for saving Wink and bringing him into rescue. He will now get his vetting done and be sponsored through our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy Program so we can help with his vetting costs. By sponsoring a deaf puppy through our DDR Rocker Puppy Program it helps each partner rescue to continue to help another deaf dog or puppy because of our DDR communities financial support.


5 Deaf Dal  mix pups – Deaf Dogs Rescue of America 

Thanks to Ami Gorman for fostering these five deaf Dalmatian mixes from Georgia until they could be transported to the Deaf Dog Rescue of America in CA. All five of these deaf pups will be recipients of our Deaf Dogs Rock Rocker Puppy Program so we can help with some of their vetting expenses. Thanks to Lisa and Mark Tipton with the Deaf Dog Rescue of America for making room for these five deaf babies.