I am very happy to share a local rescue of a deaf dog from our friends at Angels of Assisi Rescue right here in Roanoke, VA. This story was sent in by Melissa Blyth and this is the story about her deaf dog Falcon. Thanks Melissa for sharing Falcon’s Happy Tail with us.

According to my two deaf dogs Nitro and Bud, you and Falcon totally ROCK! ~ Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock

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Falcon’s Happy Tail by Melissa Blyth

Me and my fiancé adopted our deaf dog Falcon from Angels of Assisi Rescue here in Roanoke,VA last August. I had worked with disabled dogs before but had never owned one. After reading the information about Falcon online (who we renamed ” monk the chunk”), we couldn’t t pass up this awesome dog. According to the staff at Angels of Assisi, Falcon had been returned to the shelter on at least three separate occasions.


Falcon’s last owner kept him outside in the elements on a heavy chain and he finally decided when they got a new puppy, that they did not have time for Falcon. We fell in love with the goofy boy the moment we met him. He has always had good house manners and whines only when he needs to go potty. He keeps us laughing with his goofy antics and always carries around his stuffed gator that is the same size as he is. Monk aka Falcon is about to enter his first dog obedience completion at 8 years young and even has an official sponsorship t-shirt. He is sponsored my  MMA Apparel Company. Since adopting this wonderful boy we have been fostering deaf dogs that are at local shelters and it has opened up a whole new dog world for us.

Falcon is kinda of a local celebrity here in town and everybody loves to see him. And it gives us a chance to talk to people about adopting not only deaf dogs but older dogs from shelters as well