Meet adoptable one year old deaf dog Fade who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him, be his new BFF, continue teaching him new things and always keep him safe.

From the shelter and Fade: Hey there- I’m Fade. I am an American Staffordshire Terrier mix and am a lover of pizza combos. I am the right amount of excited, loyal, and sometimes a little stubborn. I am about 1 year old and am deaf. I came to the Fort Defiance Humane Society knowing no hands signals or what it was like to trust a human. I did’t know what it was like to learn, to not have anxiety, or to be comfortable. Since I have been here, I have learned a few commands! I know “watch me”, “sit”, “good boy”, and “down”. I am learning to walk better on a leash and not to jump on people. I also can now be left in my kennel area, or in a room, without being too scared.

I do like to follow you around though and I really love to nap- and I nap hard. I am not a dog that instantly loves everyone. I must warm up to them first and sometimes it takes a couple times of meeting them before I like them and want to be pet. I am a very good boy and once I do trust you, I will trust you forever! I need someone who understands I have been through a lot in my first year. Patience and time are the most important tools!
My forever family would be one who is willing to gain my trust, continue my training, and help me be the best boy I can be!