Meet adoptable deaf, vision impaired (blind in left eye), 11 month old Catahoula girl Emmilou who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her and always keep her safe.

From her rescue advocate:

Name: Emmilou
Gender: Female
Age: 11 months
Breed: Catahoula
Weight: 40lbs
Disabilty: Deaf, Blind in left eye
Dogs: yes
Cats: yes
Kids: yes

Bio: Emmilou arrived in our care from a private rescuer in Alabama, where she and her mom (Penny) came from a hoarding situation. Getting to start your life at 10 months old has been a little bit of a setback for her, but she is taking her new lease on life in stride and adjusting to life as a cherished companion. Loving her people seems to come to her naturally. Emmilou is generally an easygoing gal and seeks out human companionship. She is on the mild to moderate side of the energy side but is happy to just be where you are. It’s ideal for her to be with someone who has the time to spend with her and continue showing her how to evolve into her best self. She enjoys the company of other dogs, but her play can be a bit too energetic for smaller dogs. Emmilou’s current downfall is crate training. She really needs a home who can continue to set boundaries and work with her through her separation anxiety in the crate. She is too young and inclined to chew on household items if not supervised, so it would not recommend leaving her uncrated while you are gone. We would really love to see an adopter work with one of our approved virtual trainers to help her continue to work through this. A positive about Emmi is that she is completely house-trained. She also walks well on a leash and can walk beside you off-leash in a huge fenced in area. She’s familiar with commands like “come” and “sit”, and there’s ongoing training for “shake” and “down”

Adoption fee: $150
Foster location: Hedgesville, WV
Application link: