It give me great pleasure to share Ellie’s Happy Tail to all of our DDR readers because she was featured for months on and I was so excited when I got the email she had bee adopted.

Enjoy Ellie’s Happy Tail and thanks to all of you for sharing her listing so she could find her forever home!

~ Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock


Story submitted by Ellie’s new mom Devon Wiggins of Florence, SC.

My sister Ashley and I already have two rescue dogs between us–Sadie, a border collie mix, and Annabelle, a Boxer/American Bulldog mix. The two of them are a package deal, but Annabelle is getting a little older and I thought it might be time to introduce an additional companion for Sadie into the mix. Ashley had recently started doing research on Pit Bulls and we both had our hearts set on the breed. After lots of searching online, Ashley came across Ellie’s profile on Petfinder. Not only did she have the most adorable face, but she sounded almost too good to be true great with kids, dogs, cats and very mellow. Also, Ellie is deaf. While I’ve never raised a dog with special needs, I am a healthcare provider and tend to be nurturing by nature. After doing a little research about deafness in dogs, I felt that it was just a little extra something special I’d embrace in my new canine companion.

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I contacted Ellie’s foster mom and expressed interest. However, there was another potential adopter in the works for her and I was told my adoption probably wouldn’t pan out. I was SO disappointed! By that time, I had my heart set on her and on a special needs dog. I kept searching, but just couldn’t find another that seemed to be such a great fit. Then I received an email from Ellie’s foster mom–the other situation didn’t work out and she wanted to arrange a meeting. I was thrilled! She drove Ellie down the next day, and it was love at first sight! She was everything her profile said and more! After spending about an hour with her and watching her interact with our other “kids,” I was sold. This would be her forever home!

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Ellie has been with us about 3 weeks now and she’s absolutely wonderful! She’s sweet and low-key, and so eager to please! She loves her new sisters Sadie and Annabelle. There is a brother cat, Russ, who is adjusting a little more slowly, but I know she’ll win him over with her charm :) She loves to play, eat, and sleep more than anything. She snores like crazy and grunts like a pig when she plays hard :) And she and my 6 year old nephew Isaac have already formed an awesome friendship. We’re working on basic obedience and hand signals and she has “sit,” “stay,” and “come” pretty well conquered.

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I can’t wait for the years to come with this awesome dog and look forward to proving how amazing Pit Bulls AND deaf dogs can be! Ellie even has her own Facebook page to help spread the word :)