Meet adoptable deaf dog Echo who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her, become her new best friend and always keep her safe. She would do best in a home with no small animals (no cats or chickens) and older children.

From her caregiver: Echo is a mostly white pit mix, about 5 years old, and spayed. She is about 55-60lbs, housetrained with minimal accidents, and walks pretty well on the leash.
Echo can be wary when meeting new dogs because she cannot hear and because of some past negative experiences, but once the initial greeting is through she loves to play. But if you bring out a toy to throw, it’s over! She will play fetch until she drops, and once she starts she is locked in and no longer cares much about wrestling with other dogs.

Echo loves children, but doesn’t have great awareness of her size or energy and can knock them over giving them love. Again, after initial greetings she calms down and does wonderfully.
She CAN be homed with cats, but probably shouldn’t. She’s been fine with all the cats she’s lived with so far, except that she loves to chase and annoy them. She does have a high prey drive, but so far has never harmed a cat. With that in mind, Echo has managed to catch 1 chicken and 2 rabbits that were in my mom’s backyard and killed them. She should not be re-homed around small animal pets and smaller livestock. I have no idea how she may be around larger livestock animals.

Echo does have higher anxiety and energy needs, and does best on her daily medication as prescribed through our current vet, which she takes very well with pill pockets. She is also crate trained, and her favorite treats right now are freeze dried chicken and beef. She has always been on Costco’s brand of dog food and done well on it, and she isn’t a scarfer- she’ll eat a little and come back usually.

Echo is a big chewer and so she will shred soft toys and chew up even harder rubber toys, so she should be watched carefully.

Echo’s adoption fee is $130 to a screened and approved home. If you are interested in adoption and also live within a 3 hour drive of Greenville SC please email Brooke so she can send you a blank adoption application to fill out to be considered at