Meet our Deaf Dogs Rock Star of the Day sweet Echo who has been waiting a long time for a loving forever home. His adoption fee is now sponsored and he is in Greenville, NC just waiting for a hero to adopt him.


Update 2/20/24: From his shelter advocate Samantha – Sweet Echo is still waiting for a loving forever home.

Echo is good with children: maybe older kids/teenagers (because he can get scared easily)
General Training: je knows basic commands but he can learn new tricks since he is highly food motivated.
I also think he does better with female dogs but when around some males he does okay with them (Echo likes to sniff people first and sense out that they are not going to harm him in any way. )

Echo is still up for adoption and the great news is his adoption fee has been sponsored. He is such a distinguished good boy and I have plenty of newer pictures if you want some (you can email Samantha for more photos at

Update 9/25/23: Sweet deaf Echo has been patiently waiting at the shelter for over a year and he is still available for adoption. Please share him with all your friends in VA, NC and SC.

Meet adoptable deaf dog Mr. Echo who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him, become his new best friend, let him live inside as a cherished member of his new family and also keep him safe.

Mr. Echo is a handsome almost 2 year old boxer mix. This crazy goofball is looking for his furever home! He loves to play frisbee, run outside, and loves snacking on some treats. Walks are also one of his favorite activities to do. He loves to snuggle up with someone and have a pup cup too (or maybe a few)! He enjoys giving kisses and gets excited to see you, as he even gives a wiggle butt! Despite being deaf, he is a great companion to have whether it’s a family or one person to love! He is loyal, can follow basic commands, and the most playful dog you will have. He does great on the leash and enjoys finding sticks along on his walks. Even though he loves a big yard, it’s not a total dealbreaker for him (just as long as he gets to go to a dog park once in a while).

Echo does great at doggy day care and loves to play with other dogs. He is known as one of the dog testers at the rescue and can be referred to as Uncle Echo when around puppies. He is a very smart dog and just wants someone to love! His deafness is not something that gets in the way of showing his love for you! He does take a minute to warm up to new people, but once he does, you have a best friend for life! If you have an active dog, Echo would love to have a friend to play with! I would recommend him for a family with older children since he is an high energy dog. If you’re interested in a great companion, Echo might be the perfect fit!

As a volunteer and now an animal care technician, Echo has shown his true personality over the last year and a half I’ve worked with him. We have worked on some basic leash training alongside some of the commands with hand signals. He has sit, lay down, shake, and spin down pat. We have done group training classes and he is well behaved around other people and dogs. I see the excitement when he sees that he has a friend to play with and how much of a snuggle bug he is. He will sit between you and just lay down for pets and a belly rub. While he may be a crazy boy, he is the best type of dog to have.

Echo gets protective and makes sure your safety is first. He is such an amazing dog and anyone would be lucky to have him as not only a pet, but a best friend.- Samantha