Meet adoptable deaf, 4 year old, Dogo Argentino girl Echo who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish her, give her time to decompress in a new environment and always keep her safe.

Update 11/06/21: From Amy Morgan – I have had Echo at my home for several overnights. Once she figures out “the routine” she settles in nicely. She does have bursts of energy but they don’t last long. She loves playing in our fenced yard and going on walks. Echo loves other dogs. She would definitely thrive having another canine with moderate energy level. Echo loves to play but she also loves to nap! She’s very sweet and is a cuddle bug too  Echo notices all kinds of light whether natural or artificial. It’s interesting to watch although sometimes various reflections stress her out. Echo has been in the shelter a while and she would love to find her furever home!

Note from DDR: Many deaf dogs will visually respond to reflections of light and concentrate on them but it is very important to redirect them when this happens so they don’t become obsessed with the light. When we got my deaf boxer Bud he had OCD pretty bad but by redirecting him his first few months here he is now happy and healthy.

From her shelter Advocate 10/15/21: Echo was an owner surrender that had come to us. Sadly, her previous owners were no longer able to dedicate the time needed to take care of her. She was surrendered to us in June and has been with us ever since. She is a very sweet and loving pup! She loves meeting people and is friendly with other dogs! She was fostered for a brief period and her foster home can attest to her loving personality. They mentioned that she is a very intelligent dog and that her favorite hobbies were going on adventures and cuddling on the couch! They noticed that she had a little quirk when it comes to lights – she will become fixated and bark at shadows and light reflections, as well as car lights. Other than this quirk, she has not shown any other odd behavior.

Note from DDR: It is not unusual for a deaf dog to be fixated on lights because many times they are tied outside with nothing else to do but focus on shadows, leaves falling, bird shadows and this can trigger a mild OCD behaviors but with redirection 100% of the time these behaviors will get better. We had the same issue when we rescued our 11 month old deaf boxer Bud and now he is great but I did redirect him and never left him outside unsupervised. It is also very important to never use a laser light with a deaf dog (can cause major OCD in light pouncing on the ground and shadow pouncing) and just stay away from all light gadgets in general.

Concerning Echo’s medical history, she is altered, heartworm negative, microchipped, and up-to-date on all her vaccines! She has been healthy in her stay here! She did have a slight skin allergy, which is now completely gone, a couple months ago. The cause is unknown, but thought to be due to contact, food, or a bug bite/sting. It has been 2 months since, however, and she has not had any reaction to anything else.

Echo is an amazing dog that deserves just as amazing a home. We hope you will be able to help Echo in finding her forever home!