This is Dude’s Happy Tail sent in by Dude’s daddy Brandon T. Graham.

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I have a white boxer that is 5 months old and he is deaf. Here is some information about my dude and why he ROCKS!


1. My name is Baylor Dude

2. I was born 05/23/13, I’m a pure bred Boxer.

3. Im mostly white in color with brown markings, and a brown ring around my right eye.

4. I’m deaf


5. I was named Dude before my owner had seen me.

6. I came from a littler of 13 puppies.

7. My favorite toys are a LED laser, any type of bottle, and my stuffed dinosaur.

8. I’m scared to be alone

9. I love meeting new people and their pets

10. I love going for walks, I need at least one per day.

11. I do not like the ocean but I love the beach.

12. I have many freckles on my body.

13. I have one brown eye and one blue eye.

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14. I have a brother that lives 2 minutes away his name is Bauer.

15. I have a best friend golden retriever named Jada.

16. I have to cuddle anyone that will let me do so.

17. I weigh 50 lbs.

18. I know hand commands very well, I can sit, give paw and also bark on command.

19. I need a lot of attention

20. I love my home And my owner.

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He is a great dog and his deafness does not make us love him any less. He is very smart and just needs a little extra special care. I attached some pictures of him to this email …… Thanks:)


– Brandon