Dottie’s Happy Tail is told by Nina Coulson: We got Dottie from a charity called Bullies In Need. Dottie was only 10 wks old and we were fostering her. We were aware that she was deaf but we were a bit dubious when it came to working with a special needs pup. We fell in love with her immediately.  All the negative deaf dog myths went right out the window when we met Dottie.


We wanted to do what was right for Dottie so we got a certified dog trainer  who taught us how to communicate with her. We took her to dog shows just for fun and she ended up winning for the fastest recall at a dogshow! She has done presentations for the deafdog network here in the United Kingdom and she has organised (with a little help) Bullie Walks to raise money for her favorate charities which are Bullies In Need and the deafdognetwork.

I had her portrait tattooed for charity. Up to this point in time she has secured and won 8 rosettes so far (for quickest down, prettiest bitch, fastest recall, and best rescue) Dottie really enjoys the company of other dogs in fact she loves almost all the dogs she meets.  She is very affectionate and loyal.  My husband Paul and I adore her.


Unfortunately, she is showing signs of elbow dysplacia so she won’t be doing any more fastest recalls but she can still do Meet & Greets to raise deaf dog awareness with the deafdog network. She loves meeting new people and their dogs and likes to just sit around and say hi to people. Dottie goes to hydrotherapy to help with her elbow dysplacia at least once a week and she is getting more confident every week. The hydrotherapy will help her to stay strong and also build up her muscles along with relieving her discomfort with her leg problems.

Thanks Nina for sharing Dottie’s Happy Tail with all of our Deaf Dogs Rock family. According to my deaf dog Nitro and I you and your husband totally Rock! ~ Christina and Nitro Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock