Meet adoptable deaf dog Diesel who is an 8 year old Bully mix who is looking for a good person who will not throw him away but instead cherish him, become his new best friend and always keep him safe. Because  he can be territorial with other dogs he would do best in a new home where he is the only pet (no cats or other dogs). If you can make a commitment to Diesel to give him a loving forever home please contact Edith at

From Diesel’s Foster: Diesel is good with kids, but not cats, and he is reacting  to his territory with other male dogs. He is little better with female but he is territorial when it comes to other dogs.
On our Camping trip – Diesel did so good. He tried swimming even though it was cold and went straight to the tent at bedtime. He doesn’t try to steal food from you and just wants to lay around next to you. He would make a great companion dog for someone. He did phenomenal on the car ride. He would be such a perfect dog for someone who doesn’t have other pets. When he walked up to their house he was covered in flies, what they treated. Does not mind intake – care at the and from the vet.

From us – Alva Friends of Animal (Volunteer group): Diesel was adopted out at the Tulsa Animal Welfare last year to his previous owner. We contacted Tulsa Animal Welfare who is not able to take Diesel back in as they are full, and he will face straight euthanasia. The adoption coordinator told us also that the dog was adopted out over a year ago and they are happy if we can help him as they can’t. They also stated no paperwork of their site is needed since he is no longer in their care.

We had him checked out by our Vet what stated he is in good health and the skin was irritated and sore from the many flies he had. This is healing already after baths and flea treatment. Updated him on his vaccines.
Copies from his microchip paperwork and adoption in Tulsa are with us too, send from the owner. Diesel does well with children and does prefer female dogs over male dogs.


If you feel you can give Diesel a loving forever home and he be the only pet, please contact Edith at