Dexx’s Happy Tail written by Dyanna Wilson


Dexx came into our family after both of our previous dogs Toby and Palmer passed away within a month of each other.  My husband and I were so heartbroken over the loss of our two dogs. We realized they would want us to give another needy rescue dog a loving home like we did for them.

My husband is Deaf and he thought it would be amazing to give a deaf rescue dog a loving forever home.  At first it was difficult to find specifically find a deaf dog on Petfinder, but then we found the Deaf Dogs Rock website where there were deaf dogs listed available for adoption all over the country. After searching we saw Dexx’s adoption listing near Memphis, TN. When we read his listing and saw his photo on line, we fell in love with him so we put in an adoption application to see if we could get approved.

After we sent in the application we patiently waited to hear back from the rescue.  After talking with Gina from Fayetville County Animal Rescue she agreed it would be the perfect fit for Dexx to be adopted by us so we headed to Memphis the following weekend. It was over a seven hour drive but it was worth it to meet Dexx in person.

Once we arrived, the rescue volunteers told us the story of how Dexx and his sibling were found wandering on the side of the road when they were younger. They guessed they were probably dropped off after their breeder realized they were deaf.  FCAR took them into their rescue and trained them using hand signals and cared for them for two years.

After we met Dexx, we immediately bonded with him. We have had him for a little over a month now and it couldn’t have been more of a natural fit with him joining our family.  We trained our previous dogs with hand signals and with my husband being Deaf, it couldn’t have been more natural for us.

Now our sweet, handsome, deaf dog Dexx has a forever home and we have another baby to spoil rotten. We look forward to growing older together. We believe deaf dogs rock!