Devious – WA – Adopted

Devious – WA – Adopted

Update 7/8/18 – Devious has been adopted!!

Meet adoptable deaf boxer Devious who is looking for a loving home with someone who will be his BFF, love him, and always keep him safe.

Hi! My name is Devious (I didn’t pick it, so don’t hold it against me please!). In fact, I think they were confused when they came up with my name, because I am anything but devious! I am a trustworthy pup with a pure, innocent demeanor, always looking to you for reassurance. I just want to know that I have a place in this big ‘ol world and that I belong, just like everyone else.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I had a home and a family just over 2 weeks ago. But then they told me I could no longer live there and well, sometimes it’s best to just leave an unstable past in the past. WHBR came and collected me from my prior living arrangements, and I was on the road to a new and brighter future. I arrived to my foster family very nervous and uncertain. You see, I am deaf and I have this medical condition where I will occasionally have seizures, which can be quite scary, but can also be managed well with daily medication. Anyways, I first met my human foster brother, and he was OK. I liked him better after he decided to share some of his human treats with me. -We’re buddies now.

Next I got to meet my fur-brother, a fellow Boxer. I was a lot more anxious about meeting him. I had only lived with a smaller dog at my previous home, and I never know what other dogs my size will think of me, so I need to make sure they know I am here and make my presence known to them. They call me “big dog selective”, but I’m not one to get into technical terms. All I know is, I like friends who are more submissive/mellow and can help put me at ease when we are first meeting and playing together. Luckily my fur-brother is great, so now we enjoy running in the yard and having a good play session “Boxer-style” a few times a day.

A couple of days later, I got to meet this small furry thing called a cat. I’m not sure I had ever seen one of those before! I just couldn’t take my eyes off of her! But she just laid there, which got boring pretty quickly so I walked away. I still get interested every time I see her, wondering if she will do anything neat or entertaining, but she rarely does (she’s pretty lazy; or foster momma says she’s “dog savvy” so she just ignores me–Pshhh). Anyways, she did take off running this one time and I had a great time chasing her into the house! Didn’t catch her though. And you know, I’m not sure I’d know what to do with her even if I had. She’s just “OK”. She rubs against me like she’s expecting me to “pet” her or something. Cats are weird.

So most of my time here has been spent lounging around with my foster family. I like naps. 😊 I also REALLY like going for car rides and for walks. In the car, my foster family says I can get a bit loud though. It’s just that I get really excited whenever I see someone out walking or driving in their car as we’re driving by, so I bark to let them know I can see them! And I am pretty good at walking on a leash, honestly. The only thing that really excites/distracts me while I’m doing that is other dogs that might be outside. Again, I like to bark and I get excited when I let them know I’m there walking by. I can get a bit nervous if approached from behind/where I don’t see you coming, or if startled awake from one of my snooze-fests, but I calm quickly and easily with pets and reassurance. I also REALLY enjoy giving smooches. I will smooch you head to toe if you’ll let me (and then you won’t even need a bath! Win-win!). I’m just so thankful when you let me snuggle, I really want you to know how much I love and appreciate you!

Dog toys are OK. I prefer the big floppy stuffed ones so I can rip their guts out; that’s pretty fun. Bully sticks are also a pretty yummy treat to chew on, but I prefer ones that have already been chewed a bit (gotta get that perfect texture/scent going before they’re really ready for chewing). I love that my food comes so regularly here! AND, if the human-folk are busy and I’m getting hungry for dinner, I have this neat trick where I just look at them and bark, and they get up and fill my bowl (I’m a pretty big fan of 5pm dinner time, CONSISTENTLY). 😉

Speaking of tricks, I may be deaf, but that doesn’t slow me down! I already know some basic skills like “sit” & “shake” to get treats. My foster momma says I am such a smart boy, and I REALLY like treats, so I should pick up more hand signals in no time.

Bedtime around here consists of me snuggling my foster-parents in their bed all night long! They have some smallish cushions thrown down on the floor here and there, and the other dog seems to enjoy laying on them, but I’m not really interested in that. I prefer a human lap to snuggle in, or at least a spot on the couch as close to them as I can get! I really don’t like it when they are out of my sight. Makes me nervous. 😔

I am also not a big fan of going into the crate. I never had to do that at my other home. I could just roam free there all day long and didn’t have any problems. I haven’t had any accidents or chewed anything I’m not supposed to here either, but I suppose trust takes a little time to build. So I will go into the crate with a treat bribe, and I really like it better if I can see my foster-brother in his crate while we “do our time”. Thankfully I don’t have to go in there very often.

Anyways, enough about me, what about you!? Have you filled out your adoption application to see if we might make a good match!? I am looking for my furever home. I just get so attached to my people, I would love to find my perfect person/family and never have to leave them ever again!

Devious 🐾
Aka Dev or “the-sweetest-boy-on-Earth”

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