This is Dega’s Happy Tail told by his human mommy Kristen Oddi.

Dega is a Boston Terrier who was born deaf and is now 7 years old. I never had a deaf dog before and I actually got him as a puppy from a breeder who didn’t want him due to his lack of hearing.

Dega is so much more than a dog. He is my child, my furbaby! I can’t imagine not having him in my life. He is so sweet, easy going, and a moma’s boy!

I am sharing my story because I hope other people would consider adopting a deaf dog. Their strength and drive is inspiring to me. Dega tends to stumble, trip and falls occasionally, but I assume this is normal behavior for a deaf dog? I’m not really sure because I haven’t ever met another deaf dog.

Welcome Dega and Kristen to our Deaf Dogs Rock family! According to my two deaf boxer boys Nitro and Bud, Dega and Kristen totally ROCK! ~ Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock