Deebo is a beautiful deaf 4 year old Akita who was surrendered to Marietta after his owner had a stroke and could no longer care for him. He is a very smart boy and has learned many hand signals. He is so smart that he is a total escape artist. He can literally get out of any enclosure or kennel which does present it’s challenges. We have a nick name for him on the farm because he sways his head and likes to turn in circles so we nicknamed him Stevie (from the singer Stevie Wonder). Not only that but he has the most amazing sounding howl. He sounds like a wolf out in the wild.


He is a total sweet heart and we love him with all of our hearts. He has a stuffed baby that he sleeps with and gets upset if anyone takes it from him. We think he is extra special not only because he is deaf but because he has such a huge heart. He is here on our farm for life because we do believe Deaf Dog Rock!


Thanks for sharing DeeBo’s story – Marietta – Didi’s Dream Farm Horse and Animal Rescue