When it comes to Deaf Dog Training there are all kinds of fun games you can play with your deaf dog or puppy. Just the other day I was working on teaching our new deaf puppy Bowie how to retrieve a tennis ball and at the same time I wanted to teach him to also learn to drop one ball when I throw the other. I always use two Kong AirDog Squeakair Balls so I can get him to drop the ball in his mouth when I give him the “drop” sign. After our little fetch lesson, just for fun I rolled out the two Kong tennis balls at the same time to see what he would do. Please enjoy this little snap shot into our daily routine here at Deaf Dogs Rock.

~ Christina, Nitro, Bud and Bowie


This is what happened next…


After his video then our deaf dog Bud appeared at the back door you know to do a “photo bomb” so here are a few photos of Bud’s sad face.

unnamed (11)

unnamed (9)