This is the story of  my little buddy Whiskey our Deaf Therapy Dog. My name is Billy and I had been looking for a second deaf dog for a while, when I was contacted by OkPetRescue about a 16 month old deaf Aussie in the dog pound. They told me  his time was short and I found out he was one day away from being put down.


When I spoke with the Animal Control Officer, she said she had been trying everything she could to save him because he was such a friendly dog who didn’t have a very good start in his life.

He was chained up in a backyard, had never been bathed, had a haircut, or taught a thing, his previous owner said he was psycho. Needless to say when I saw him, he was one of the prettiest dogs I had ever seen despite he’s lack of care. I brought him home, got him groomed and started working with him.

I thought my old girl Patience would be a good teacher for him and she was, when in doubt do what the other dog was doing , even down to crossing his paws the same way as she did.

After getting him vetted, I was fortunate enough for a few organizations that I worked with my other deaf dog Patience, let me bring him to visit and train. Whiskey was a natural and the most loving and friendly dog I have ever been around. He had one year of on the job training and when it came time to be tested for his therapy dog certification, he passed with flying colors. We were also fortunate that once he passed his test all the other doors to where Patience worked were opened to Whiskey.

Whiskey and Patience now alternate work.  They visit children with spine and brain injuries at the Children”s Center in Bethany OK. The JD McCarty Center is a special needs school for elementary children and the Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled.  Whiskey goes from being petted and brushed by the kids to playing frisbee and ball with them. They recently started using Whiskey for rehab work. He is following in the footsteps of his big sister Patience and he is doing a wonderful job.

Again, here’s another deaf dog no one wanted. He was labeled a psycho and now works with special needs children and adults. I’d say Whiskey proved everyone wrong. I am very proud of my buddy Whiskey.

Deaf Dogs Do Rock!

Billy Thomas