Today is a big day! Deaf Dogs Rock was contacted several weeks ago about a puppy named Lilly who needed to be rescued so we reached out to Green Dogs Unleashed Rescue and asked Erika Proctor if her organization could help Lily out if DDR would sponsor her into rescue.

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Erika said of course they could help out (because as you know that’s what Rescue Warrior Women do they come from a place of YES). So today is the big day and Lily is already half way to Virginia with Green Dogs Unleashed Transport team. We can’t wait to see photos of her. Thanks to all of our supporters for supporting us so we can reach out to rescues directly and get our “rescue train” moving in the right direction.

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Thanks to Green Dogs Unleashed for always being there for the deaf babies! According to my deaf dogs Nitro, Bud, and myself you all totally ROCK!


~ Christina, Bud and Nitro -Deaf Dogs Rock