Thanks to our amazing Deaf Dogs Rock community we have a very happy tail to tell. Last Thursday night I had a nice lady named Robin send me an email saying how worried she was about a deaf 10 month old Pit Bull her neighbor had locked up in a crate.  She said because he is a back yard breeder she felt like he didn’t really know what to do with the deaf puppy so he just kept her locked up all the time.

Robin mentioned when the last big snow storm hit Virginia, her neighbors were gone for several days and their house remained completely dark. The poor deaf female dog was locked up in a crate for days with no food, water, or power (she sat in complete darkness). The people who lived next door to Robin remained gone for days. Robin was sure the deaf dog lived full time in a crate. She occasionally would see the breeder let this sweet girl out on their second floor deck to go potty once or twice a day. She asked if Deaf Dogs Rock could help get this poor deaf dog named Diamond to safety.


“Izzy in the arms of a rescuer” 

As luck would have it my husband Chris was driving a transport on Sunday to help out a rescue group up North. It just so happened his transport destination was perfect for also picking up and transporting deaf dog Diamond. I emailed Robin back and told her for this deaf dog rescue to work, I really needed her to somehow get the dog into her possession by Saturday. We both figured if she offered them something in return for the deaf dog such as a little money, or maybe cigarettes,  beer, or dog food might do the trick. Robin did go over and offer the man a case of beer and sure enough he jumped at the chance to get rid of the puppy and catch a buzz.

Since Robin was able to get possession of the sweet deaf girl, we all jumped into action. Chris, myself, and Bobbie put together a solid rescue plan for the following day. This way there would be no surprises like the breeder backing out at the last minute. Bobbie at Angels of Assisi Rescue here in Roanoke, VA read Robin’s pleas for help right after I forwarded her Robin’s email. Bobbie replied back to me immediately and wrote that Angels would be glad to help this poor deaf girl get into their rescue. I told Bobbie Deaf Dogs Rock would sponsor Izzy’s medical expenses. Not only did Robin secure Izzy’s freedom, but she also put her own dogs in boarding for one night so they could give Izzy a bath and spend one night giving her their undivided attention. We also shared Izzy’s photo and asked our Deaf Dogs Rock followers for new name suggestions on Saturday. This way she could start a fresh new life with a new identity. Our DDR Followers came up with so many great names but one stood out and seemed to fit her perfectly.  We had a winner! Her new name is Isadora and we call her Izzy for short.


Izzy saying good bye to the Stanley family who rescued her and got her to freedom. 

Chris got up early Sunday morning on February 23, to pick up the puppy on the first leg of his transport for a rescue up North. Once the first dog was dropped off to continue it’s journey up to New Jersey, Chris stripped the crate, bagged everything, wiped the crate down with antibacterial wipes and set up a new bed for Izzy. He then headed to the Cracker Barrel in Harrisburg, VA to meet the Stanley family along with Izzy for the first time. As soon as Chris met the Stanley family, he sent me photos of the Stanley’s saying their final goodbyes to Izzy.  We put the photos up on our Deaf Dogs Rock Facebook page and asked our followers if they would like to help with Izzy’s expenses. I told them no amount was too small and God Bless our followers they donated enough to make sure all of Izzy’s medical expenses are taken care of including her spaying, shots, and medical treatment for Demodex mange.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for donating to help Izzy start her new life! We will get her healthy (she can’t be spayed until her health is better) and take her to basic training, and then Angels will start taking adoption applications on her.


Chris Lee with Deaf Dogs Rock and Amber with Angels of Assisi Rescue unloading Izzy and taking her into Angels where she will be getting prepared for her new life.

Before I took Izzy downtown to Angels of Assisi Rescue on Sunday afternoon, Chris and I wanted her to experience what it is like to be a dog in a big wide open field so she could experience what it feels like to run. Here at our Deaf Dogs Rock headquarters we have one acre of land fenced for the dogs to come and play.  Sunday afternoon was a perfect day here in Virginia with a light breeze, sunny and 65 degrees. When Izzy finally  arrived here at DDR, we turned her loose in the Deaf Dogs Rock Dog Park and she ran and played!

The photos below are some of the shots I got of Izzy experiencing her very first time on grass, first time with a ball, first time meeting a horse, and first time running. She will be available for adoption at Angels of Assisi Rescue in Roanoke VA. She has a lot to learn about socialization, trusting humans again, and she needs some basic training but I will be taking her to Bobbie’s class on Saturday afternoons to the Shelter Dog Training program at Field of Dreams Training Center where my deaf dogs Nitro and Bud went to school.


Run Izzy, run!


Chris Lee getting some Pitty kisses from Izzy!


Izzy’s first time with a ball…ball..ball…ball..


Izzy running!


Izzy meeting a horse for the first time. 




1960065_224827241043640_335704602_nHere is Izzy at Angels with Seth who works at Angels of Assisi. Izzy loves him! I am so glad she isn’t afraid of men!