Since 4th of July is this week, Chris, Nitro and I would like to wish all of you Rockers out there a very Happy Independence Day from Deaf Dogs Rock. Just think we don’t have to worry about our deaf dogs freaking out when the fireworks start blowing up but we might have some issues with our hearing dogs getting anxious or nervous.


Although many of us also have hearing dogs in our households (who can hear the 4th of July fireworks), the dogs we don’t usually worry about is our deaf dogs. But if you have deaf and hearing dogs, you will want to distract the hearing dogs so the deaf dogs don’t take their cues from a nervous hearing dogs. If you are at home when the fireworks are going off, think of some fun distractions to do with your dogs. For example, check out the article below for some fun ideas.


Some Fun Tips for You and Your Dog On The Fourth Of July – By Christina Lee – Deaf Dogs Rock

* Get a small children’s pool for the back yard and put water in it for the dogs to play and cool off.

* You can also cut up some hot dogs to play “bobbing for hot dogs” in your pool.

* Plan early and take some paper cups, fill them with beef broth or chicken broth and freeze them to keep the dogs busy while the fireworks are going off.

* Buy some new toys or balls to also give them as soon as the fireworks go off.

* If you dogs love frisbees, get 2 or 3 of them and start throwing them one after another.

* If you have a favorite lake or river you love to go to take your dog and family on a picnic on the water (or on the banks of a river).

* We also bake home made doggy treats to feed to our dogs in more stressful situations (like fireworks) so they have a yummy distraction.

* Take some small doggy treats and run through some of their tricks they have learned just like you would if you were doing a “trick drill” or demonstration.

* Have a doggy play day at your house and a cook out. Invite some of your friends who you hang out with at your local dog park.

* Buy a flag like we did in the photos of this post and have some fun. Get your camera ready, give your deaf dog the flag and sho0t, shoot, shoot! This year I have special 4th of July stationary from these photos I took last year for the 4th of July. It will bring a smile to the faces of friends and family when they open a card and see your dog holding an American Flag.

These are just a few tips Nitro and I came up with on fun things all of us do with our dogs on the 4th of July. What fun ideas can you come up with to add to our “fun things to do with your dog on the Fourth of July”? Please leave us your ideas in the comments section below.


 Nitro at our flag photo shoot. As you can see he has so much fun! – Photos by Christina Lee for Deaf Dogs Rock – All rights reserved.



This is just a few tips on how to  have fun and distract your pooches once the fireworks start. If all you have is a deaf dog you probably won’t have to worry about the loud pops and booms. If you have more tips you would like to add to our list we would love to hear from you. Please leave your ideas and tips in the comments section below this post. Thank you so much!

Happy Independence Day Rockers!

~ Christina, Chris and Nitro – Deaf Dogs Rock