Havoc Earns His Novice Trick Title by Natalie Rogers


Havoc came from a regular family who just wanted their dogs to have puppies but didn’t know that breeding white boxers was very risky. Their first litter produced one deaf pup. The family felt bad and kept this pup as their pet. They then bred the same two dogs again not knowing that the deafness was not simply bad luck, it was genetic. This time there were two bilaterally deaf pups and a third pup who was deaf in one ear and blind in one eye. Had it not been for a local foster carer, both bilaterally deaf pups would have been put down before 6 weeks of age. One of those pups was Havoc.

Havoc came to live with his forever family, Natalie, Nick and his new adoptive boxer brother Kaos, at 10 weeks of age. He started obedience lessons not long after and thrived. He currently understands over 50 different hand signals. He started learning tricks just 7 months ago and has already been awarded his official Novice Trick Dog title. He is currently working towards his Intermediate Trick Dog Title and has just started agility classes.

His favorite obstacle is the tunnel. His favorite games are tug o’ war, fetch and frisbee. His favorite food is steak. In late 2020, Havoc will debut in his first ever public performance to raise money for CanTeen, a charity supporting teens through their cancer journey.


We are so thrilled to be part of the Deaf Dogs Rock community. This website was our bible in those early days. We will forever be grateful to Christina and everyone at DDR. We want everyone to know that deaf dogs are extraordinary. As Christina once told me, their deafness is their super power! Havoc should not be pitied. He is happy, capable and confident. Havoc has taught his family that deaf dogs are really not that different to other dogs. We would not hesitate to adopt another deaf dog, they truly do rock!