Meet adoptable deaf 8 month old Cattle Dog/Border Collie mix DC who is looking for a loving forever home with someone who will cherish him, make daily positive reinforcement training/socialization/enrichment a priority and always keep him safe.


From his caregiver: DC He is almost 8 months old now (DOB 3/18/23) at he is 60 pounds of pure joy. He does have difficulty in rides. He loves eating ice cubes! He only been around his mama dog and us but doesn’t have problems with friends and family when they come around.

DC just sits on their feet until they give him hugs. His mama dog was dumped by our property and when we took her for spayed we found out she was pregnant. She ended up giving birth to eight puppies. We are an older couple and husband is retired. I work long hours and he takes care of them. We have be blessed with wonderful families that adopted DC siblings but we are looking for the right family for DC. We know there is a special family out there for him. We are working with him on some basic sign cues. DC is 100% puppy and he is so full of puppy energy. He loves being cuddled and spending time with his humans.

DC gives the best Eskimo kisses! He’s not totally deaf but he is just very hard of hearing (he could be a unilaterally deaf pup). He cuddles and needs to touch us or mama at all times. DC needs to be able run to get his abundant energy out. Also needs a family with another dog and someone to be around more,

DC’s adoption fee is $200 to a screened and approved home only. Since DC doesn’t do well riding in a car it would be best if he is adopted close to Lorena TX (with in 10 miles or so). If you are interested in adoption please contact Jana at:


DC does get car sick so it would be best to have him adopted within 30 miles of Lorena TX.